Jenbacher gas engine overhaul

RS Motor has hired more than 50 Jenbacher gas engines which run with many type of different gases such as natural gas, special gases, biogas, sewerage gas, landfill gas, coal-mine gas…
RS Motor has over 20 years of experience on Service and selling spare parts for Jenbacher gas engines.

Service and Maintenance on Jenbacher gas engines

Jenbacher gas engines service, maintenance, and supply of parts for them, are one of the main activities of RS Motor since 2011.
Trading with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Genuine parts for Jenbacher engines is the specialization of RS Motor. This allows us to be more competitive selling the same parts commercialized with the Jenbacher’s packaging.
Our wide Stock is vital to give a fast response to any of our customers. RS Motor has all critical parts in the maintenance of any Jenbacher gas engine type 2, type 3, type 4 and or type 6 stocked.
Our customers rely on RS Motor to perform corrective maintenances and preventive maintenances. Reconditioned parts are an important factor to shorten the downtime of the Power Plant as much as possible. RS Motor can refurbish a lot of engine elements and has a wide stock of them. This allow us to repair any failure on the engine as soon as possible, avoiding high investments of money. The use of refurbished spare parts, is so common on major preventive maintenances (60.000 hours, 40.000 hours, 30.000 hours and/or 20.000 hours).
In short, a large experience, the use of OEM and Genuine spare parts, and a large stock, allow RS Motor to be the best alternative to the engine manufacturer.

Preventive maintenance of Jenbacher gas engines

RS Motor is nowadays known as a reliable alternative to the official engine manufacturer Jenbacher. A large stock inventory of spare parts, expendables…, as well as a wide stock of exchange engine components, allow to RS Motor to have an own technical service for engine preventive maintenances.
Our specialized technicians and field engineers can carry out both major maintenances (Overhauls) and minor maintenances. These minor preventive maintenances are carried out on the power plant of the customer. Only in case of Overhauls, RS Motor gives to the customer 2 different options: The first one is to perform the Overhaul in RS Motor, while the second one is to perform the engine Overhaul “on-site”. Sometimes, when the downtime of the Power Plant is does not allow it, we have the possibility of building previously an exchange Jenbacher “shortblock” or an exchange Jenbacher “longblock”. This allows us and to the customer to shorten the execution time.

Corrective maintenance of Jenbacher gas engines

Corrective maintenances on Jenbacher gas engines are carried out when an unscheduled event occurs. As a consequence, our answer must be as faster as possible. All tasks are adapted to the engine damage in order to leave it running as soon as possible.
In these situations, RS Motor can go to the Power Plant in a period of 24-48h since the notification of the customer.

Retrofit of Jenbacher gas engines

RS Motor is currently working on some engine upgrades. The most important are listed below:

  • DIA.NE Refit on Jenbacher gas engines. Replacement of DIA.NE by an AVAT E2 CON-GE Control System completely updated and unlocked.
  • Install catalyst in Jenbacher type 3 gas engines due to CO emissions.

Summary of the Jenbacher gas engines we usually work on

Jenbacher gas engines (service of supply of spare parts), is one of the main activities of RS Motor nowadays. Then we show you a list of the Jenbacher engines we usually trading with:


Jenbacher J208

Jenbacher J212

Jenbacher J312

Jenbacher J316

Jenbacher J320

Jenbacher J412

Jenbacher J416

Jenbacher J420

Jenbacher J612

Jenbacher J616

Jenbacher J620

Jenbacher J624

Reparación de motores de gas Jenbacher