AVAT, known for being the developer and manufacturer of the TEM-Evo System, implemented in more than 10,000 MWM gas engines, has been focusing on the development of reliable solutions for the control of gas engines, dual fuel engines and combined heat and power plants for more than 25 years.

With its modular and open system for engine control, the German company based in Tübingen has taken a step forward. As an independent partner and manufacturer, AVAT offers customized control solutions, plug&play systems for engine control and individual components for dynamic actuator control, for antiknocking and leak detection systems as well as pressure-based control of cylinders.

AVAT’s range of solutions also includes solutions for remote predictive maintenance using available engine data.



E²CON-CHP: Engine and Cogeneration Plant Control Systems

E²CON-CHP is an open system that offers a complete solution for the control of all types of engines and CHP plants. It achieves a safe operation of the engine, at the limit of its mechanical range, integrating at the same time in the CHP plant or in the plant network.

Compatible motors and actuators

  • MAN, MTU, Liebher, etc. gas engines…
  • 250 to 2000 kw of power.
  • 4 to 20 cylinders.
  • Natural Gas, Biogas or Special Gases.


  • Control system for engine and cogeneration plant.
  • Quick and robust.
  • Quick start up to operating speed.
  • Loss control to improve efficiency.
  • Network protection.
  • Expandable and adaptable at any time.
  • Availability of spare parts and possibility of updates for many years.


E²CON-TE: DEUTZ/MWM engine retrofits

E²CON-TE is the only open platform with flexible integration available on the market. It is conceived as a safe conversion to replace TEM-Evo systems that have been supplied with the DEUTZ / MWM engine itself.

Compatible engines

  • DEUTZ / MWM gas engines types TBG 616, 620 and 632 as well as TCG 2016, 2020 and 2032.
  • 500 to 4500 kW of power.
  • From 8 to 20 cylinders.
  • Natural Gas, Biogas or Special Gases.


  • Simple commissioning. Any technician trained in TEM-Evo systems can install the update by himself and perform the commissioning.
  • Update Seguro is achieved by means of a parameter converter.
  • Supply of complete system, including circuit diagram, instruction manuals, description of operation, list of limit values and description of parameters.
  • Web interface for direct viewing of the controller by any customer.
  • Availability of spare parts and possibility of updates for many years.


E²CON-GE: retrofit of Jenbacher motors

E²CON-GE is an open system designed for the control of Jenbacher motors. The upgrade to E²CON-GE is very simple and offers more options for individual specifications.

Compatible engines

  • Jenbacher gas engines types 3, 4 and 6.
  • 400 to 3,500 kW.
  • From 12 to 20 cylinders.
  • Natural Gas, Biogas or Special Gases.


  • Flexible control system for Jenbacher gas engines with performance improvement and plant modernization.
  • Increased possibilities of changes in plant parameters.
  • Loss detection and knocking systems are included.
  • Grid and generator protection.
  • Powerful integrated diagnostic and service tools.
  • Availability of spare parts and possibility of updates for many years.



E²CORE: Actuator Control

The real strength of the E²CORE lies in variable engine control using all available variables. The result is a possibility of quick reaction to possible deviations and optimized efficiency within the legal emission limits.


E²KNOCKCON: Engine Noise Evaluation

Noise sensors transmitted to the engine body, known as knocking sensors, have been used for many years to monitor detonations during combustion. But there is a lot of information contained in these signals. E²KNOCKCON also detects individual losses based on combustion noise and transmits this information directly to the engine controller.


E²PRECON: Cylinder Pressure Analyzer

The measurement of cylinder pressure distribution is the method to determine combustion characteristic values.
E²PRECON combines power, maximum pressure, knocking and combustion time distribution for each cylinder and each combustion cycle.



The AVAT VPN ROUTER is connected on-site to the engine controller to enable secure data exchange via the Internet. After the authentication process, the router establishes a secure link.

The internet access can be done via the plant’s own network or via a mobile phone card.


  • Optimised for AVAT and TEM-Evo open systems.
  • Connectable to any engine and industrial control system.
  • Internet access via network, WAN interface or modem (analogue, ISDN, mobile phone up to 4G/LTE).
  • Secure connectivity via open VPN and integrated firewall.
  • Network availability greater than 99%.


AVAT CONNECT works as a gateway between the engine and remote predictive maintenance.
Registered users can access the engines of the plants they maintain anywhere in the world through this server and perform maintenance tasks remotely via service software.
The data and user management functions can be customised according to the requirements at any given time.


  • Simple configuration.
  • Centralised and task-based overview for each user.
  • Configurable to support multiple clients, with specific privileges.
  • Continuous engine monitoring.
  • Continuous updating of output data.
  • Automatic generation of status and alarm messages.
  • Data centre in Germany with redundant connectivity.


E²SERVICE is the perfect tool to manage any activity during engine cycling, test bench operation, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting or simply in daily operation.

The E²SERVICE visualisation provides a clear structure to organise Big Data supporting various kinds of user requirements.


  • Compact overview for engine status with manual operation option.
  • Reasonable parameter grouping for easy access.
  • Logging of operations such as daily events, messages, alarms or failure times.
  • Storage of current status images for offline examination.
  • View of parameters, features and maps.
  • Comparison and restoration of parameters.