Repair of cogeneration engines

Today, working on more than 180 different engines running on natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, special gases, diesel and fuel oil, "RS Motor" is a competitive company, with major contracts covering the needs of our customers..

Today, working on more than 180 different engines running on natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, special gases, diesel and fuel oil, “RS Motor” is a competitive company, with major contracts covering the needs of our customers wherever their engines are. As a consequence, “RS Motor” is synonymous with production guarantee.

RS Motor is a specialist in carrying out repairs on cogeneration engines

No matter what brand or type of engine of the main brands RS Motor works with, and no matter where the engine is located, RS Motor is fully capable of providing a quality response. More than 12 years of experience means that our company can handle any repair “on site” or at RS Motor’s facilities with incredible efficiency.

Our specialty is DEUTZ / MWM (CAT) cogeneration engines, Jenbacher cogeneration engines and/or Guascor cogeneration engines.

What repairs do we perform on cogeneration engines at RS Motor?

Below, you will see some of the most common repairs of different cogeneration engine parts and pieces that both RS Motor engineers and technicians perform on a regular basis.

  • Cylinder heads: The reconditioning of cylinder heads consists of the replacement of valves, seats, guides, sleeves (depending on the type of cylinder head), O-rings, valve guides, machining of the shell and/or cylinder head faces, assembly, priming, painting, and final hydraulic test.
  • Intercoolers: In the cleaning process of any type of intercooler, a series of processes are key to achieve the best quality in the final result. Consequently, the minimum works that we carry out are the following: Disassembly, deep cleaning by means of an ultrasonic cleaning machine, mechanical cleaning of covers and body, renewal of sealing gaskets, assembly, priming, painting and final hydraulic test.
  • Lube oil cooler: Disassembly, replacement of sealing elements, priming, painting, final assembly and final hydraulic test.
  • Connecting rods: Verification of the parallelism of the connecting rod body. If OK, installation of new connecting rod foot bushings and new studs or bolts (depending on the connecting rod, sometimes it is necessary to renew all the nuts).
  • Connecting rod:
  • Connecting rod: Check the parallelism of the connecting rod body.
  • Water pumps, oil pumps and fuel pumps: As usual, we start with the disassembly of the part to make a thorough check of its condition. Then, if it can be reconditioned, we change all the small parts such as gaskets, O-rings… Sometimes we also replace the bushings or pinions. At the end, we also perform the hydraulic test of the assembly.
  • Starter motors or starters: Thanks to the specialized electrical tooling available in RS Motor’s electrical workshop, our engineers can check the starters of the cogeneration engines, whether they are electric starters or pneumatic starters.
  • Specialized electrical tools are available in RS Motor’s electrical workshop.
  • Engine block: The machining of the upper and/or lower part of the engine block is necessary when this element is damaged as a result of seizures, water damage, cavitation, excessive oxidation…
  • Crankshaft: Check with specific tools the dimensions of the crankshaft.
  • Main engine parts: RS Motor renews, supplies or replaces the main engine parts thanks to the supply of pistons, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, cylinder liners, cylinder head gasket sets, axial bearings, camshaft bearings… all of them original and/or OEM.
  • Secondary engine parts and consumable items: Gaskets, hardware, bolts, nuts, O-rings, rubber springs, spark plugs, ignition coils, spark plug wires, oil filters, air filters, UPF filters … All these parts are original and/or OEM as well as the main parts.

Cogeneration engine maintenance

Both engineers and technicians of RS Motor, perform any kind of maintenance on the cogeneration engines of the brands in which RS Motor usually works. Below is an example of the different types of maintenance:

  • Preventive: Preventive maintenance is performed taking into account the engine operating hours. The interval of hours is different depending on the type of gas, the engine manufacturer and the engine model. On the one hand, in minor preventive maintenance we usually renew oil filters, spark plugs, air filters, some gaskets such as rocker cover gaskets …. On the other hand, when RS Motor performs a major preventive maintenance (also known as Overhaul), the main parts of the engines such as main bearings, connecting rod bearings, pistons, cylinder liners… must be replaced. Anyway, all the necessary tasks are written in the engine manufacturer’s maintenance plan.
  • Corrective: Corrective maintenance is performed when an unscheduled event occurs in the cogeneration engine. On these occasions, the response must be as fast as possible. All necessary work is always adapted to the extent of the damage in order to get the engine up and running as soon as possible.

For Technical Service, the best alternative to the official brand is RS Motor.

RS Motor has in its workshop in Porriño (PONTEVEDRA) all the means and experience necessary to perform maintenance work on the cogeneration engines it has under maintenance. In addition, it has the capacity to recondition the most important parts of the engine.

The Overhaul of an engine is the most far-reaching maintenance intervention, in which the engine is disassembled piece by piece so that by means of the appropriate assembly processes and the replacement of the engine’s wear parts, it is reconditioned and returned to its initial state of use.

Due to this complexity, RS Motor usually takes the engines to its facilities, where it has all the necessary means to carry out this work on engines of up to 4.50 MW of power.

On occasions and in plants where the downtime makes it unfeasible, RS Motor can perform the overhaul work on an exchange block, thus minimizing plant downtime for preventive maintenance of the engine.

The overhaul process includes the disassembly of the mechanical part, analysis and verification of the condition, ultrasonic cleaning of mechanical elements, dimensional checks and/or hydraulic tests, replacement of wear elements and resetting of the overhauled element to zero hours.

The elements that are usually reconditioned in RS MOTOR’s workshop are:

    • Culatas


  • Intercoolers.
  • Actuators or speed controllers.
  • Intercoolers.
  • Intercoolers.
  • Plate heat exchangers.
  • Plate heat exchangers.
  • Water pumps.
  • Water pumps.
  • Water pumps.
  • Water pumps.
  • Oil pumps.
  • Oil pumps.
  • Starters.
  • Connecting rods (parallelism check and bushing replacement).
  • Zero valves.
  • Jackets.
  • Throttle valves.
  • Butterfly valves.
  • Alternators.
  • Alternators.
  • Mixing valves or mixers.
  • Mixing valves or mixers.
  • Fuel pumps.
  • Fuel pumps.
  • Fuel pumps.
  • Fuel pumps.
  • Fuel pumps.
  • Tubers.

In case you need repair, reconditioning or preventive or corrective maintenance, RS Motor is specialist mainly in the following brands and types:

    • DEUTZ/MWM TBG616/ TCG2016; DEUTZ/MWM TBG620/2020; DEUTZ/MWM TBG632/2032; and many more.
    • Jenbacher series 2, Jenbacher series 3, Jenbacher series 4 and Jenbacher series 6 (for any number of cylinders)



Cogeneration engines technical service

Gas and diesel cogeneration engines (supply of spare parts and/or labor), is RS Motor’s main business today. Below is a brief summary of the engines on which we perform work on a regular basis:


TBD616V8 TBG616V8 Jenbacher J208 FG 180 6L
TBD616V12 TBG616V12 Jenbacher J212 FGLD 180 6L
TBD616V16 TBG616V16 Jenbacher J312 SFGLD 180 LL
TBD620V12 TBG620V12 Jenbacher J316 FG 240 8L
TBD620V16 TBG620V16 Jenbacher J320 FGLD 240 8L
TBD645L6 TBG620V20 Jenbacher J412 SFGLD 240 8L
TBD645L8 TBG632V12 Jenbacher J416 HGM 240 8L
TBD645L9 TBG632V16 Jenbacher J420 FGLD 360 12V
TBD640 TCG2016V8 Jenbacher J612 SFGLD 360 12V
SVB628 TCG2016V12 Jenbacher J616 FGLD 480 16V
….. and many more TCG2016V16 Jenbacher J620 SFGLD 480 16V
TBG616V8 TCG2020V12 Jenbacher J624 SFGLD 560 16V
TCG2020V16 SFGM 560 16V
TBG616V16 TCG2020V20 HGM 560 16V
TBG620V16 TCG2032V16
TBG620V20 CAT CG132-8
TBG632V12 CAT CG132-12
TBG632V16 CAT CG132-16
TCG2016V8 CAT CG170-12
TCG2016V12 CAT CG170-16
TCG2016V16 CAT CG170-20
TCG2020V12 CAT CG260-12
TCG2020V16 CAT CG260-16

Overhaul of cogeneration engines

Overhaul of a cogeneration engine can be done in different ways. One of them is to go to the customer’s plant, the other is to do the Overhaul at RS Motor, while a different one can be done both “in situ” and at RS Motor. The latter consists of previously preparing an exchange shortblock or an exchange longblock at RS Motor. This allows the customer to shorten the downtime of the plant and to have his engine available much earlier than usual.