Ignition and conversion kits

Motortech gas engine ignition systems offer customer solutions for virtually every type of engine on the market. Cooperation with leading engine manufacturers, packagers and operators has resulted in specific designs.

Ignition systems for gas engines

mic ignition controller

Motortech ignition systems for gas engines offer the customer solutions for practically all types of engines on the market. Cooperation with leading engine manufacturers, packers and operators has resulted in specific designs capable of maintaining optimum engine performance in a variety of applications.
All the ignition systems that RS Motor supplies to its customers are pre-assembled and tested at the factory.
As a consequence of this, both assembly and plant installation become simpler and more intuitive.

Complete ignition system

ignition coils
RS Motor, in collaboration with Motortech, offers a complete solution for the control of gas engines, available in the following configurations:

  • Solutions for all engines between 2 and 20 cylinders.
  • MIC ignition boxes.
  • With PolyMot ™ ignition cables.
  • Customized length of cables.
  • Ignition conversion kits.

Conversion kits

Many older engines today are equipped with technically obsolete ignition systems. These mostly mechanical ignition systems are subject to constant wear and tear and therefore require high maintenance and costly repairs.
MOTORTECH offers complete kits for upgrading to electronic ignition according to the latest technical standards.

The upgrade conversion kits allow the current obsolete ignition systems to be replaced by more modern and efficient ones.
These conversion kits offered by RS Motor reduce the downtime of the engine and, consequently, of the plant. As a result, the service life of the systems will be extended and material and personnel costs will be drastically reduced.

ignition coils

¿Why to choose RS Motor?

Our customers trust RS Motor when they want to make modifications to the ignition systems of their gas engines for various reasons:
– Competitive price.
– Personalized technical advice.
– Direct communication channel with Motortech.
– Experience acquired over the years.
– Many successful projects.

Countries to which we supply ignition systems

Our current market is global. In this case, as RS Motor is only an official Motortech distributor in Spain and Portugal, we only supply ignition systems to those countries.

In any case, we can still help our customers technically wherever they are in relation to other types of technical consultations or technical advises.

Request a quote

Request an economic and technical offer to RS Motor if you need an ignition system or a conversion kit for your gas engine.
RS Motor is one of the few companies worldwide with the capacity to supply and implement state-of-the-art ignition systems, regardless of the type of gas consumed by the engine on which you wish to install it.
Do not hesitate to contact RS Motor if you decide to change your engine’s ignition system for another more intuitive, economical, and, at the same time, efficient. We are at your entire disposal to help you in the best possible way.

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Encendido y kits de conversión

Ignition systems

Pre-assembled, factory-tested ignition systems that provide quick and easy on-site assembly.

Bujías industriales y accesorios

Spark plugs and accessories

Supplies for DENSO, CHAMPION and BERU spark plugs, together with a full range of accessories to clean, test and keep spark plugs in perfect working order.

Control y manejo del motor de gas

Gas engine management

All-in-one system to manage gas engines and their components and to manage the combined heat and power facility (CHP) itself.

Sistemas de cableado

Wiring systems

MOTORTECH ignition cables and rails are compatible with almost all gas engines.

Regulación de mezcla

Mixing control

Motortech offers a wide range of our own solutions for emission control and advanced mixture regulation.

Motores de gas y accesorios generales


Motortech carries specific solutions for exhaust catalysts, capable of adapting emissions from gas engines to the most recent legal standards.