Industrial spark plugs and accessories

The right spark plugs for a gas engine are essential to get the most out of the engine's performance and to run for as many hours as possible at 100% power. RS Motor offers its customers...

Industrial spark plugs and accessories for gas engines

Appropriate spark plugs for gas engines are essential to make the engine operates as long as possible at 100% power.
RS Motor offers its customers the possibility of installing Denso, Champion or Beru conventional spark plugs on their DEUTZ/MWM (CAT), Jenbacher, Guascor or other engine brands.

LThe best brands of industrial spark plugs for your gas engine

Spark plugs from the best manufacturers and own developments for high performance and efficient service of the motorbike. MOTORTECH is official distributor of:

  • DENSO®
  • BERU®

In the current market, there are many brands and options related with the installation of spark plugs on gas engines. Anyway, at RS Motor you can find the best brands on the market such as Denso, Beru and Champion with competitive prices difficult to match by others.

Engines compatible with Denso spark plugs


DEUTZ/MWM engines, especially the models TBG616, TBG620, TCG2016 and/or TCG2020. If we transfer this to the MWM (CAT) engines, we would be talking about the CG132 and CG170 models.
Jenbacher type 6 engines, which can have Denso spark plugs installed, although in this case they would come packaged with the engine manufacturer’s logo in a perfectly identified tin of 4x units each.
Guascor engine models with which we usually work on.

Engines compatible with Beru spark plugs


DEUTZ/MWM engines, in special the models TBG616, TBG620, TCG2016 and/or TCG2020. These engines are also known as CAT CG132 and CAT CG170.
Jenbacher type 2, Jenbacher type 3 and Jenbacher type 4 gas engines (regardless of their number of cylinders).
Guascor engines, especially the FG, FGLD, SFGLD, SFGM and/or HGM models.

Engines compatible with Champion spark plugs


DEUTZ/MWM engines TBG616, TBG620 (regardless the number of cylinders: 8-cylinder, 12-cylinder, 16-cylinder or 20-cylinder), are compatible with Champion spark plugs.
In relation to the Guascor engine models we usually work with, they can also work perfectly with Champion spark plugs regardless of the type of gas they consume…

Accesories and tools for spark plugs

To try to increase the useful life of the spark plugs, they must be readjusted in terms of space between electrodes and be free of solid residues formed over time. For this, Motortech and RS Motor have the spark plug cleaning kit in their product range.
By using the Motortech Spark Plug Cleaning Kit, these impurities can be easily and gently removed from the electrode area and the thread within a regular maintenance interval.
This will increase the life of the spark plugs and reduce maintenance costs.
Additionally, RS Motor has the ability to supply spark plug wrenches of any type of metric, either purchased through Motortech or through other European manufacturers.

Advantages of buying spark plugs at RS Motor


Our customers detect in RS Motor several advantages of buying spark plugs compared to those of the competition.

– Competitive price.

– Large stock (depending on the spark plug model).

– Wide market and fast suppl.

– Personalized technical advice in case you have any kind of technical doubt about which spark plug you need.

Countries to which we supply Denso, Champion or Beru spark plugs

RS Motor stands out for the supply of spare parts, among which is the sales of conventional or pre-chamber spark plugs, to the countries mentioned below:

– Europe: Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Germany …

– America: Chile, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Canada …

– Asia: China, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Russia, Belarus

– Oceania: New Zealand, Australia..

– UK.

Precio repuestos DEUTZ MWM JENBACHER

Accesories and tools for spark plugs

  • Spark plug washer: To ensure correct installation of the spark plug it is important to mount quality spark plug washers at every spark plug change.
  • Spark plug cleaner: MOTORTECH offers a convenient and efficient solution for spark plug cleaning. The electrode area is carefully cleaned by blasting with an abrasive material.
  • Spark Plug Condition Monitoring: The SparkView is a portable system that monitors the voltage required to fire each spark plug while the engine is running. With a clamp-on measurement around the ignition wire, high ignition voltages, indicative of poor spark plug condition, can be detected.


Encendido y kits de conversión

Ignition systems

Pre-assembled, factory-tested ignition systems that provide quick and easy on-site assembly.

Bujías industriales y accesorios

Spark plugs and accessories

Supplies for DENSO, CHAMPION and BERU spark plugs, together with a full range of accessories to clean, test and keep spark plugs in perfect working order.

Control y manejo del motor de gas

Gas engine management

All-in-one system to manage gas engines and their components and to manage the combined heat and power facility (CHP) itself.

Sistemas de cableado

Wiring systems

MOTORTECH ignition cables and rails are compatible with almost all gas engines.

Regulación de mezcla

Mixing control

Motortech offers a wide range of our own solutions for emission control and advanced mixture regulation.

Motores de gas y accesorios generales


Motortech carries specific solutions for exhaust catalysts, capable of adapting emissions from gas engines to the most recent legal standards.