Wiring systems

Motortech wiring systems are manufactured for a multitude of gas engines and a wide range of applications. Being encased in a metal rail, the cables are protected from vibration and other wear.

Motortech wiring systems are manufactured for a multitude of gas engines and a wide range of applications. Being encased in a metal rail, the cables are protected from vibration and other wear.

Ignition cables: Within the Motortech ignition systems, Motortech manufactures input, output and pickup cable assemblies. Specially and by customer specification we also manufacture wiring for other systems such as ALTRONIC.

Sensor Cables: Motortech manufactures quality cables designed for different types of gas engines, which are equipped with sensors for: oil pressure and temperature, sensors for temperature and boost air pressure..

Complete cable strips: On older engines, wiring is a problematic element. For this reason, Motortech has developed complete wiring systems that group the ignition, detonation or thermocouple elements on a single rail..

Ignition cables

Cablerias Encendido
Motortech and RS Motor offer upgraded kits for ignition wires or input/output cable assemblies and pickups. These new kits can replace any system currently installed. The most important features and peculiarities of these upgrade kits are detailed in the points below:

    1. • Direct replacement for thermocouples.
    1. • Available in several versions.
    1. • Prefabricated system for easy replacement and installation.
    1. • Stainless steel rail.
    1. • Mounting brackets included.
            • Flexible and adaptable ducts as required.

Sensor Cabling

Cablerias para sensores
Since they are partners, RS Motor and Motortech have the technical and commercial capability to offer oxygen, temperature, EAT and MAP sensors that can be used as replacements for the OEM part originally installed by the equipment manufacturer.
Both shielded and unshielded versions can be selected..

Complete cable strips

Regletas de cables completas
The complete cable strips supplied by RS Motor are completely pre-wired and equipped with all sensors required to measure the relevant operating data of the motor. To transfer the measured values to the main control, a corresponding connection harness is plugged into the main connector of the sensor harness. The main features of the complete cable strips that RS Motor supplies are:

    1. • Pre-wired harness with motor-specific design.
    1. • Sensors for measuring the following values:
    1. • Oil pressure and temperature.
    1. • Refrigerant pressure and temperature.
    1. • Manifold pressure and temperature.
    1. • Engine speed.
    1. • All brackets and adapters for mounting harness and sensors are included..
    1. • Connection of the harness to the main control.

Motor brands compatible with Motortech’s wiring systems

Almost all brands of engines on the market, including MWM (CAT), Jenbacher, Guascor, MAN, Caterpillar, MTU, Waukesha, are compatible with the wiring systems offered by RS Motor.

Request a quote from RS Motor if you need a wiring system for your engine.

RS Motor is one of the few companies worldwide with the capacity to supply and implement different wiring systems, adapted to the needs of your engine and your plant.
Do not hesitate to contact RS Motor if you decide to change the wiring system of your engine for a more intuitive, economical and, at the same time, efficient one. We are at your disposal to help you in the best possible way.

Precio repuestos DEUTZ MWM JENBACHER

Encendido y kits de conversión

Ignition systems

Pre-assembled, factory-tested ignition systems that provide quick and easy on-site assembly.

Bujías industriales y accesorios

Spark plugs and accessories

Supplies for DENSO, CHAMPION and BERU spark plugs, together with a full range of accessories to clean, test and keep spark plugs in perfect working order.

Control y manejo del motor de gas

Gas engine management

All-in-one system to manage gas engines and their components and to manage the combined heat and power facility (CHP) itself.

Sistemas de cableado

Wiring systems

MOTORTECH ignition cables and rails are compatible with almost all gas engines.

Regulación de mezcla

Mixing control

Motortech offers a wide range of our own solutions for emission control and advanced mixture regulation.

Motores de gas y accesorios generales


Motortech carries specific solutions for exhaust catalysts, capable of adapting emissions from gas engines to the most recent legal standards.