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Supplier Policy

Our challenge is to find potential suppliers who can offer products and services in line with our commitment to quality, environment and customer satisfaction. The criteria and modes of interaction that we apply to Suppliers are intended to ensure adequate levels of quality and reliability of purchasing components, as well as to ensure proper management of issues such as, for example, environmental protection in which Suppliers are also involved.

The policy aims to:

  • establish relationships with those Suppliers that offer the best capacities, costs, service and quality (“zero defects” objective) to guarantee maximum Customer satisfaction;
  • seek the lowest total cost of supplies, taking into account not only price, but also the cost of quality, innovation and service in relation to the performance required for the product purchased;
  • involve Suppliers in RS Motor’s Environmental Management System in order to reduce the environmental impact of all the work activities carried out in its production plants;
  • establish relations with Suppliers based on honesty and rigour on both sides.

Our company is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which is why we annually carry out an evaluation of our approved suppliers where the products and services contracted are inspected by the area manager, according to the requirements (quality, documentation, delivery times, incidents and, depending on the number of orders, environmental impact).