Beru spark plugs for industrial gas engines

November 11, 2020by admin

The quality of the spark plugs installed in industrial gas engines, whether of one type or another, and regardless of the type of engine in which they are installed, is one of the most important concepts to take full advantage of the performance of a power plant in order to that the engines stops as minimum as possible.

RS Motor offers its customers worldwide the option of installing Beru spark plugs (also known as Federal Mogul) on their DEUTZ/MWM (CAT), Jenbacher, Guascor or other engine brands.

Engines compatible with Beru spark plugs

Most DEUTZ/MWM engines, especially the types TBG616, TBG620, TCG2016 and/or TCG2020, are compatible with Beru spark plugs. If we transfer this to the most current MWM (CAT) engines, we would be talking about the models CAT CG132 and CAT CG170.

In case of Jenbacher gas engines type 2, Jenbacher gas engines type 3, and Jenbacher gas engines type 4, it is possible also to install on them Beru spark plugs (they come in metal cans of 4 units each). The installation of Beru (Federal Mogul) spark plugs in Jenbacher engines is a growing practice. Every day more clients request them.

Finally, the Guascor engine types on which we usually work on, can also run perfectly with Beru spark plugs regardless of the type of gas they consume, although their installation on this type of engine is less common than in other brands.

Beru spark plugs for cogeneration engines

In a gas engine (regardless of the brand) that has Beru spark plugs installed, it means that they must be connected to an appropriate ignition cable. At the same time, this cable would be connected at its other end to an ignition coil and this, therefore, would go on the engine ignition rail.

RS Motor supplies any of these three items (Beru spark plugs also known as Federal Mogul spark plugs, ignition cables and ignition coils). In most cases, Beru spark plugs come directly from the manufacturer (Federal Mogul), while both ignition cables and ignition coils come from Motortech.

Part numbers and models of Beru spark plugs

In DEUTZ/MWM TBG616, TBG620, TCG2016, TCG2020, CAT CG132 and/or CAT CG170 engines, the most common Beru spark plugs are 12420480 (equivalent to Beru 18GZ5-77-2 Z201).

In Jenbacher type 2 and Jenbacher type 3 gas engines, and/or Jenbacher type 4, the spark plugs marketed with the Jenbacher reference 1233808 or 462203 can be replaced by their equivalent Beru 18GZ46-FBM80WPN-Z377 or Beru 18GZ47-FBM80WPNS respectively.

Finally, for Guascor engines the most common Beru spark plugs are the Beru 18GZ 4-77, Beru 18GZ 6-77, or other types depending on the engine model and the gas. Like in DEUTZ/MWM (CAT) engines, different models of Beru spark plugs can be installed depending on the quality of the gas.

There are many other brands of engines that can be fitted with Beru spark plugs. We highlight the MAN engines, CATERPILLAR, PERKINS, LIEBHERR, MTU, SCANIA, CUMMINS…

Request a quote for Beru spark plugs or Federal Mogul spark plugs to RS Motor

Join our customers and trust RS Motor in case you need Beru spark plugs for your engine, whatever the gas it consumes. If you do not know how to identify the spark plugs you need, ask our technical-commercial department. Our team will be able to help you in case you have any doubt about it, or if you want to try with these spark plugs.

Advantages of using Beru spark plugs

With the time, and extracting the real experience from our customers, we can list a series of clear advantages derived from installing Beru spark plugs in an engine.

– Low cost.

– Proper behavior in different varieties of gases.

– Designed for environments with aggressive gases.

– High performance.

– Electrode design with high quality materials such as Iridium, Nickel or Platinum.

Maintenance and care of Beru spark plugs

The maintenance of Beru or Federal Mogul spark plugs, given their simplicity, can be carried out by any operator with little experience. You simply have to readjust the electrode and periodically clean the solid wastes formed over time. For this, Motortech and RS Motor have in their catalog of products a spark plug cleaning kit (which increases the lifespan of Beru spark plugs).

By using the MOTORTECH spark plug cleaning kit, these impurities can be easily and gently removed from the electrode area and the thread within a regular maintenance interval. The spark plug cleaning kit is valid for spark plugs with of these metrics: M14, M18, M22 and 7/8-18.