Champion spark plugs for industrial gas engines

November 11, 2020by admin

It is very important that a gas engine has the correct spark plugs installed regardless of the type of gas it consumes. Spark plugs are essential to get the most out of engine performance in order to operate for the maximum possible hours at 100% power.

RS Motor offers to its numerous customers around the world the possibility of installing Champion spark plugs on their DEUTZ/MWM (CAT), Guascor or other engine brands, purchased directly from Champion. RS Motor has been on the market for several years now, selling this brand of spark plugs, given its extensive use especially in DEUTZ/MWM engines. This has led us to specialize in the supply of Champion spark plugs also for CATERPILLAR and/or Guascor engines.


Compatible engines with Champion spark plugs

The major part of DEUTZ/MWM gas engines, especially the models TBG616 and TBG620 (regardless of whether they are 8-cylinder, 12-cylinder, 16-cylinder or 20-cylinder), are compatible with Champion spark plugs.

Related to the Guascor engine series with which we usually work in, they can also run perfectly with Champion spark plugs regardless of the type of gas they consume. There are numerous 16-cylinder Guascor engines around the world that use Champion spark plugs, and our customers tell us that they performance is the same or better than using spark plugs supplied by Guascor itself.


Spark plugs for cogeneration gas engines

If Champion spark plugs are installed in a gas engine, whatever the brand, it means that they must be connected to an appropriate ignition cable. At the same time, this cable would be connected at its other end to a ignition coil and this, therefore, would go on the ignition rail of the engine.

RS Motor supplies any of these three items (Champion spark plugs, ignition cables and ignition coils). In most cases, Champion spark plugs come directly from the manufacturer, while both ignition cables and coils come directly from Motortech.


Part number (reference) and model of Champion spark plugs

In DEUTZ/MWM TBG616 and TBG620 gas engines, the most common Champion spark plugs are 12420290 (equivalent to Champion RB75WPCC).

For Guascor engines the most common Champion spark plugs are the Champion FB77WPCC.

Moreover, the Champion FB77WPCC spark plugs are commonly installed in other brands of gas engines like CATERPILLAR, PERKINS, JENBACHER, WAUKESHA, CUMMINS …

There are many more Champion spark plug models that RS Motor can supply, for example Champion RB75N, Champion RB76N, Champion FB78WW …


Advantages of using Champion spark plugs

There are several advantages that we have detected with the installation of Champion spark plugs on an engine. The most important are listed below:

– Low price.

– Adequate to reduce CO2 emissions.

– Compatible with alternative gases (designed for aggressive environments and gases).

– Wide market and fast supply.

– Long lifespan thanks to the special alloys.

– Optimal performance.

– High performance in low quality gases.

– Years of experience in the sector.


Maintenance and care of Champion spark plugs

The maintenance of Champion spark plugs is not complicated to carry out, although it is very important to try to increase their lifespan even more. This maintenance consists of readjusting the electrode and cleaning solid particles formed because of the running hours. For this, Motortech and RS Motor have in their catalog of products a Spark Plug Cleaning Kit (which will increase the useful life of Champion spark plugs).

By using the MOTORTECH spark plug cleaning kit, these impurities can be easily and gently removed from the electrode area and the thread within a regular maintenance interval. The spark plug cleaning kit is valid for spark plugs of metric M14, M18, M22 and 7/8-18.


Request for a quote of Champion spark plugs to RS Motor

Join our customers and trust RS Motor if you need Champion spark plugs for your engine, whatever the gas it consumes or the number of cylinders it has. It will be very difficult for you to find more competitive prices and personalized treatment in case you have any questions.

We have been in the market for several years, so our experience and technical knowledge are extensive.