Denso spark plugs for industrial Gas Engines

November 11, 2020by admin

Appropriate spark plugs for an industrial gas engine, regardless of the type of gas they consume, are essential to make the most of their performance and to operate for the maximum hours as possible at 100% power.

RS Motor offers numerous customers around the world the possibility of installing Denso spark plugs, purchased from Motortech, on their DEUTZ/MWM (CAT), Jenbacher, Guascor or other engine manufacturers. RS Motor is the official Motortech distributor for Spain and Portugal, so you can hardly find this type of spark plug at a lower price and time.

Engines compatible with Denso spark plugs

Most DEUTZ/MWM engines, especially the TBG616, TBG620, TCG2016 and/or TCG2020 models, are compatible with Denso spark plugs. If we transfer this to the MWM (CAT) engines, we would be talking about the CG132 and CG170 models.

For Jenbacher gas engines, the Jenbacher type 6 can have Denso spark plugs installed, although in this case they would come packaged with the engine manufacturer’s logo in a perfectly identified can, and with 4x units each.

Regarding the Guascor engine models that we usually make service on, can also work perfectly with Denso spark plugs regardless of the type of gas they consume.

Spark plugs for cogeneration gas engines

If Denso spark plugs are installed in a gas engine, whatever the brand, it means that they must be connected to an appropriate ignition cable. At the same time, this cable would be connected to a coil and this, therefore, would go on the ignition rail of the engine.

RS Motor supplies any of these three items (Denso spark plugs, ignition cables and coils). In most cases, both Denso spark plugs, ignition cables and coils, come from Motortech directly.

 Part numbers and models of Denso spark plugs

In DEUTZ/MWM (CAT) engines, the most popular are the spark plugs Denso GL-1, Denso GL-3 and/or Denso GL-5 spark plugs. Choosing between one model or other model depends on the quality of the gas that the engine consumes.

In Jenbacher type 6 gas engines, the spark plugs released with the Jenbacher part number 1214569 are spark plugs Denso P518.

Finally, for Guascor engines, the most common Denso spark plugs are the Denso GI3-1, Denso GI3-3 and/or Denso GI3-5. As in the case of DEUTZ/MWM (CAT) engines, a Denso spark plug model is installed depending on the quality of the gas.

There are many other brands of engines that can be fitted with Denso spark plugs. We highlight in particular MAN engines, CATERPILLAR engines, PERKINS engines, LIEBHERR engines, MTU engines, SCANIA engines, CUMMINS engines …

 Ask to RS Motor for a quotation of Denso spark plugs

Join our customers and trust RS Motor if you need Denso spark plugs for your engine, whatever the gas it uses. It will be difficult for you to find more competitive prices and a personalized treatment in case you have any technical questions.

We have been in the market for several years, so our knowledge and experience is deep in this field.

 Advantages of using Denso spark plugs

There are several advantages that we have detected with the installation of Denso spark plugs on an engine. We highlight the following ones:

– Low price.

– Wide market and fast supply.

– Longer life thanks to the Double Iridium layer.

– Less maintenance than competitor spark plugs.

– High performance in low quality gases.

Maintenance and care of Denso spark plugs

Although the maintenance of Denso spark plugs is less than the maintenance of competitor spark plugs, in order to increase its useful life even more, they must be readjusted in terms of space between electrodes and be free of solid residues formed over time. To do this, Motortech and RS Motor have a spark plug cleaning kit in their product catalogue.

By using the MOTORTECH spark plug cleaning kit, these impurities can be easily and gently removed from the electrode area and the thread within a regular maintenance interval.

This will increase the lifespan of the spark plugs and also this will reduce maintenance costs.

The spark plug cleaning kit is valid for M14, M18, M22 and 7/8-18 spark plugs.