Deutz Mwm engine Overhaul (maintenance) E70 in RS Motor, Mwm TBD620V12 motor

April 8, 2022by Analía

Since the foundation for RS Motor in 2008, the gas engines Deutz-Mwm (CAT) are one of RS Motor’s specialties. This time we show you another complete Deutz-Mwm engine Overhaul (maintenance E70). In this case, the major Overhaul is carried out on a gas engine MWM TCG2016V12C of 600kWe (also known as CAT CG132-12).

For Deutz-Mwm engine Overhaul, Rs Motor has the possibility to do it through blocks and exchange elements, minimizing downtime

Rs Motor has a wide variety of  spare parts for Deutz-Mwm available in stock

This maintenance E70 is performed at 64.000 running hours, and, instead of carrying out “on-site”, in this occasion the customer prefers to make the E70 at RS Motor’s workshop.

On many related posts published before, we explained that an engine Overhaul (maintenance E70) is the bigger maintenance of the engine, in which all its main wear parts are changed:

  • Check actuator’s linkage (throttle valve).
  • Replacement of lubricating oil filter RS-12128936.
  • Renewal of spark plugs. This time RS Motor installs spark plugs Bosch 7308, RS-00007308.
  • Renewal of ignition cables RS-12278370.
  • Replace UPF inner RS-12466706 and UPF outer RS-12466707.
  • Standard refurbishment of the turbocharger ABB TPS48.
  • Check the engine mounting.
  • Check starter pinion and gear rim on the flywheel.
  • Visually check of the exhaust pipe. Replacement of exhaust gas compensators RS-12340988.
  • Supply of 12 previously reconditioned cylinder heads RS-05186053.
  • Cleaning of the mixing valve with replacement of its driving bands RS-12217479.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning machine of the intercooler.
  • Replace the cylinder liners RS-12342162.
  • Replace rubber compensators RS-12037132 and RS-12037136.
  • Replace hoses and flexible lines. The “silentblocks” of the air filters and the flexible hoses of the engine lubrication system are replaced.
  • Check valves and engine regulating devices.
  • Replacement of valve tappets.
  • Renewal of vibration damper RS-12343538 and additional mass RS-12343583.
  • Replace connecting rod bearings. Replacement of big end bearings RS-12343108..
  • Replacement of pistons (complete) RS-12278009..
  • Renewal of camshaft RS-12217865.
  • Replace the camshaft bushings RS-12000055 and RS-12190961.
  • Renewal of the small end bushings RS-12343081 and the replacement of the connecting rod bolts RS-12161131. Checking the parallelism of the connecting rod body.
  • Renew crankshaft sealing ring on the drive side.
  • Renew crankshaft sealing ring on the free side.
  • Measure the crankshaft and clean it.
  • Replacement of air filter RS-12189925.
  • Refurbishment of oil cooler with replacement of internal sealing elements.
  • Final hydraulic test.
  • Primer and painting.
  • Anti-humidity packaging for subsequent shipment to the customer’s plant

Once you know the steps that our engineers carried out during the maintenance E70 of this gas engine MWM TCG2016V12C (CAT CG132-12), we show you few pictures of the previously described maintenance tasks.

Request a quote for an engine Overhaul on a MWM TCG2016V12C or CAT CG132-12 to RS Motor. Hundreds of customers worldwide already trust RS Motor when they need to overhaul their DEUTZ/MWM (CAT) gas engines.