Overhaul and repair of Guascor engines (Siemens)

The motor manufacturer Guascor, now Siemens, has thousands of motors installed in various types of power plants all over the world. In connection with these, RS Motor offers numerous customers all over the world the possibility of carrying out any kind of work on them...

The motor manufacturer Guascor, currently Siemens, has thousands of motors installed in various types of power plants all over the world. RS Motor offers numerous customers all over the world the possibility of carrying out all kinds of work on these motors, ranging from minor preventive maintenance type E to major preventive maintenance type R, including overhaul (R3 maintenance).

Likewise, given that unexpected major breakdowns occasionally occur, RS Motor has the capacity to meet the needs of the customer to carry out any type of repair on Guascor engines, either on-site or at RS Motor’s facilities, suitably equipped with specific tools.

All types of small and large maintenance, overhaul and repairs are carried out by supplying and installing Genuine and/or OEM spare parts.

When is it necessary to overhaul a Guascor engine?

In case the customer’s Guascor/Siemens engine consumes sewage treatment plant biogas, biogas from solid waste treatment or other gases with low methane content, the Overhaul (R3) is marked at 50,400 operating hours.

For natural gas engines, on the other hand, the major maintenance (Overhaul) is extended to 60,000 operating hours.

These preventive maintenance guidelines are set by the Guascor/Siemens manufacturer and are generally valid for any Guascor/Siemens engine model (irrespective of the number of cylinders). In other words, this applies to Guascor FG series, Guascor FGLD series, Guascor SFGLD series, Guascor SFGM series and Guascor HGM series engines.

Notwithstanding the above, it is possible that, with certain gases, the hours corresponding to each major maintenance may vary slightly, although this would be perfectly defined by the manufacturer Guascor/Siemens in the maintenance guidelines indicated.

Finally, it is very important to note that these considerations are valid as long as the engine is in operation for approximately 8,000 hours per year.

Types of Overhaul in Guascor engines

An overhaul is the complete maintenance of the engine, in which all the wearing parts of both the upper and lower parts are replaced (e.g. main bearings, cylinder liners, pistons, connecting rod bearings, connecting rod bushes…). RS Motor is one of the few companies in the world that has the capacity to adapt to the constraints that end customers may have, especially with regard to the time between the shutdown and the start-up of the engine.

In the event that the delivery time is not relevant, the Overhaul is carried out at RS Motor’s facilities. For this purpose, a large team of technicians with many years of experience ensures that each task is carried out precisely.

If the deadline is a factor to be taken into account and there is no time for the engine to be sent to our facilities, RS Motor sends its engineers and specialised technicians to the customer’s facilities equipped with specific tools adapted to the work to be carried out.

Whenever an Overhaul is carried out at RS Motor, the engine is returned to the customer perfectly painted and packaged under damp-proof protection to prevent any possible damage that may occur during transport.

Request a quote for an Overhaul on a Guascor engine from RS Motor

Several customers from all over the world already rely on RS Motor when they need to overhaul their Guascor FG engines. Guascor FGLD, Guascor SFGLD, Guascor SFGM and/or Guascor HGM.

Join them and ask us for availability and pricing if you are determined to try a company other than the one you normally work with. RS Motor is considered by many to be the best alternative to the Official Guascor Service. Several years of experience in workmanship and the supply and installation of genuine and/or OEM parts back us up.