Engine Overhaul service, repair of Deutz Mwm, Jenbacher and Guascor engines, spare parts and reconditioning of industrial engine parts

April 27, 2022by Analía

Repair and engine overhaul service for DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher and Guascor industrial engine parts

At the RS Motor’s workshop, the daily work apart from performing maintenances E70 (engine overhaul) on DEUTZ-MWM (CAT) engines, maintenances 60.000 hours on Jenbacher engines and maintenances type R3 on Guascor engines, Deutz Mwm engine repair, Jenbacher engine repair, another usual task is to recondition or repair the main parts of insdustrial engines.

RS Motor currently have more than 12,000 references in stock and more than 40,000 coded references, especially spare parts for Deutz Mwm, Jenbacher and Guascor.

On the attached pictures, we share with all of you which engine parts are the ones we usually repair or recondition in our workshop.

Below there is a list of the most important ones (whatever the engine is DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher or Guascor.

Repair of Deutz Mwm, Jenbacher and Guascor engines is the main activity of RS Motor

  • Recondition cylinder heads DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher and Guascor.
  • Recondition connecting rods DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher and Guascor.
  • Repair main oil pumps.
  • Repair or recondition water pumps.
  • Recondition oil coolers.
  • Recondition plate heat exchangers.
  • Cleaning intercoolers DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher and Guascor by using an ultrasonic cleaning machine.
  • Repair Heinzmann actuators DEUTZ-MWM (CAT) and Jenbacher.
  • Repair parts from TEM-Evo Control Sytem of DEUTZ-MWM (CAT) engines.
  • Repair engine blocks DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher and Guascor.
  • Recondition cylinder jackets from DEUTZ TBG632, MWM TCG2032 and CAT CG260.
  • …. and many more engine critical parts.