Engine maintenance service and reconditioning of equipment

July 13, 2023by Analía

In addition to engine maintenance service, Rs Motor focuses a large part of its activity on the reconditioning of parts and equipment subject to wear in cogeneration engines.
Below, we show you a brief summary of the most important repair works of parts that we usually carry out in our workshop:

  • Cylinder head reconditioning: Replacement of elements susceptible to wear, such as valves, seats, guides, sleeves, O-rings or valve guides. In many cases, the reconditioning of cylinder heads requires other actions such as machining the cylinder head shell or the planing of the cylinder head faces. The cylinder head reconditioning ends with the complete assembly of the cylinder head and a final hydraulic test.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of intercooler: Complete disassembly of the intercooler, subsequent ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical cleaning of covers and body, replacement of sealing gaskets, complete assembly of the intercooler and final hydraulic test.
  • Reconditioning of oil cooler: Disassembly of oil cooler, replacement of sealing elements, assembly and final hydraulic test.
  • Reconditioning of connecting rods: Checking the parallelism of the connecting rod body. If within tolerances, new connecting rod foot bushings and new bolts or studs are installed.
  • Repair of fuel, oil or water pumps: replacement of wear parts such as seals, gaskets, oil seals and/or bushings.
  • Checking of starter motors or starters: RS Motor’s electrical workshop has specialised equipment to check whether or not the starters of the engines are in good condition. If a part needs to be replaced, this can also be carried out.
  • Engine block sanitation: Sometimes it is necessary to carry out some extra work, such as machining the upper and/or lower part of the engine block.
  • Checking the condition of the crankshaft: Dimensional checking of all dimensions of the crankshaft using equipment specially designed for this purpose.
  • Reconditioning of injectors: The injector body is cleaned to remove all impurities and prevent future blockages. The nozzle seat is mechanically ground and the area is polished to remove any signs of anomalies. Subsequently, the new parts are fitted and the injector is retimbrado to check that the equipment reaches the minimum working pressure.
  • Renewal of the main engine parts: pistons, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, cylinder liners, cylinder head gasket kit, axial bearings, camshaft bushings…
  • Renewal of secondary engine spare parts: gaskets, bolts, O-rings, rubber silent blocks, spark plugs, coils, ignition cables, air filters, oil filters, UPF filters…

Listed below are the engines that RS Motor repairs most frequently and ambien does overhaul and reconditioning of industrial engines:

DEUTZ: TBG616V8, TBG616V12, TBG616V16, TBG620V12, TBG620V16, TBG620V20, TBG632V12, TBG632V16.
MWM: TCG2016V8, TCG2016V12, TCG2016V16, TCG2020V12, TCG2020V16, TCG2020V20, TCG2020V20, TCG2032V12, TCG2032V16.
CAT: CG 132-8, CG 132-12, CG 132-16, CG 170-12, CG 170-16, CG 170-20, CG 260-12, CG 260-16.
JENBACHER series 3: Jenbacher J312, Jenbacher J316 and Jenbacher J320.
JENBACHER series 4: Jenbacher J412, Jenbacher J416 and Jenbacher J420.
JENBACHER 6-series: Jenbacher J612, Jenbacher J616, Jenbacher J620.
GUASCOR (6 cylinders): Guascor FG 180 6L, Guascor FGLD 180 6L, Guascor SFGLD 180 6L.
GUASCOR (8 cylinders): Guascor FG 240 8L, Guascor FGLD 240 8L, Guascor SFGLD 240 8L, Guascor HGM 240 8L.
GUASCOR (12 cylinders): Guascor FGLD 360 12V, Guascor SFGLD 360 12V.
GUASCOR (16 cylinders): Guascor FGLD 480, 16V, Guascor SFGLD 480 16V, Guascor SFGLD 560 16V, Guascor SFGM 560 16V, Guascor HGM 560 16V.

Now that you have seen another example of RS Motor’s technical capability, do not hesitate to ask our team for a quotation for any type of work or spare parts supply (genuine and/or OEM).
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