Engine Maintenance service with exchange longblock supply

May 16, 2023by Analía

RS Motor is specialized in carrying out all the works inherent to the repair and/or engine maintenance service of industrial plants.
By definition, preventive maintenance is a type of intervention linked to the number of hours that the engine is running. This interval of hours is always marked by the engine manufacturer, therefore, it is the one that marks the periodicity in which we must perform preventive maintenance to the engine in order to try to avoid breakdowns. Within the preventive maintenance, we can distinguish between minor preventive maintenance or major preventive maintenance, normally called Overhaul. The work to be performed in each maintenance, as well as the hours, are always marked by the manufacturer in its maintenance plan.
There are several types of maintenance that can be carried out on industrial gas engines. Among them, RS Motor specializes in the following:

  • Preventive maintenance: These are maintenance carried out taking into account the hours of operation of the engine. The interval of hours varies according to the engine manufacturer. There are from minor preventive maintenance to major preventive maintenance (usually called Overhaul). The work to be carried out in the preventive maintenance of engines is listed in the manufacturer’s maintenance plan.
  • Corrective maintenance: Type of work or maintenance that needs to be carried out as soon as possible after an unscheduled engine shutdown for various reasons (seizure, high temperatures, high pressures, electronic failures…). The work performed is adapted to the needs of the engine at that moment.

In order to shorten the downtime in the plant during maintenance of large-scale cogeneration engines (Overhaul), Rs Motor offers its customers the possibility of supplying exchange Shortblocks/Longblocks pre-assembled in our facilities.
The supply of an exchange Longblock during the execution of a long-range maintenance allows to shorten the execution times of the works up to 80%, being this a recurrent decision when the engine downtime is a critical factor for the customer.

This week, we are pleased to share with you some pictures of a Longblock MWM TCG2020V12 assembled entirely at Rs Motor with the following components:

  • MWM TCG2020V12 block (checked and clean).
  • Crankcase MWM TCG2020V12 (checked and clean).
  • Crankshaft MWM TCG2020V12 (checked and cleaned).
  • MWM TCG2020V12 connecting rods (with new bolts and connecting rod foot bushings). If necessary, new connecting rods are installed.
  • Connecting rod end bearings (new).
  • Timing gear (new).
  • Main oil pump (new).
  • Camshafts A side and B side (new).
  • Camshaft bushings (new).
  • Pistons (new).
  • Cylinder liners (new).
  • Main bearings (new).
  • Tappets (new).
  • Oil cooler (new).
  • Cylinder heads (reconditioned).
  • Oil filters (new).
  • Lubrication nozzles.
  • Vibration damper (new).
  • Transport frame (new) – wood or metal.
  • Primer and paint.

These are common works in the realization of an Overhaul:

  •  Cylinder head reconditioning.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of intercooler.
  • Lube oil cooler reconditioning.
  • Reconditioning of connecting rods.
  • Repair of water or oil pumps.
  • Check of starter motors or starters.
  • Engine block sanitation.
  • Crankshaft condition check.
  • Overhaul of main engine parts.
  • Renewal of secondary engine parts.

Once the E70 in-shop maintenance is completed, our technicians travel to the customer’s plant to start the engine. During the start-up after the overhaul, one of the most important things is to make sure that all engine parameters are within their nominal values.
Now that you have seen another example of RS Motor’s technical capability during maintenance, do not hesitate to ask our team for a quotation for the supply of any type of Mwm engine work or spare parts for Deutz-Mwm (genuine and/or OEM).
For more information, please write to rsmotor@rsmotor.es or social@rsmotor.es.