Engine overhaul, reconditioning of prelubrication pumps

January 9, 2024by Analía

One of the most important components involved in starting an engine is the pre-lubrication pump. At RS Motor, we perform repairs and refurbishments of pre-lubrication pumps as part of our cogeneration engine overhaul work.
These maintenance processes are carried out by inspecting all pump components and replacing the necessary ones with genuine and/or original OEM spare parts for Deutz-Mwm Jenbacher and Guascor spare parts.
The pre-lubrication pump plays a vital role in ensuring a safe engine startup. Its main function is to circulate oil throughout the engine before it is started. This ensures that there is a lubricating layer present between the moving surfaces once the engine begins to operate, minimizing boundary lubrication as much as possible. This significantly reduces wear and damage caused by metal friction during engine startup.
In addition to preventing wear during startup, the pre-lubrication pump helps reduce the time it takes to achieve hydrodynamic lubrication in the engine’s bearings and moving parts. This critical moment occurs when the pump coupled to the engine’s distribution system has not yet generated enough pressure to create an effective lubrication layer. The pre-lubrication pump ensures that all surfaces are properly lubricated from the beginning, avoiding direct metal-to-metal contact and protecting vital engine components.
Furthermore, the pre-lubrication pump plays a role in preheating the engine. It evenly distributes temperature throughout all components before starting, allowing them to reach a temperature close to their working temperature. This is crucial to ensure proper dimensions due to thermal expansion of the different metals that make up the engine and allows all components to heat up in a more balanced and gradual manner, avoiding extreme thermal gradients. By reducing thermal gradients, stress on the materials is minimized, promoting smoother and more reliable engine operation. Additionally, by reaching the working temperature earlier, engine efficiency is improved, and its lifespan is extended.
The pre-lubrication pump is composed of an electric motor, a gear pump, and a three-way valve bypass.

The most common failures in this type of pump are:
  • Failures in the electric motor, such as bearing wear, insulation failures, or defects or breaks in the terminal box due to impacts or unfavorable working conditions.
  • Failures in the coupling between the motor and the pump. This star-type coupling is designed to absorb vibrations and misalignments. The rubber component of this coupling may be affected by the passage of time and operating hours, and may need to be replaced.

spare parts for Deutz-Mwm

As for the volumetric gear pump itself, if there is wear in the bearings, only their replacement as part of the refurbishment may be required. If wear is detected in the gears, their replacement is also possible. If there are marks on the housing or cover, an exchange is necessary as this wear can cause a decrease in performance, limiting the pressure and flow that the pump can supply.
The O-rings and seals of the pump are replaced as part of the refurbishment.

At RS Motor, we also offer refurbished exchange pumps or supply genuine and original new pre-lubrication pumps.
If you need consultations or repairs for your engine, do not hesitate to contact us. At RS Motor, we provide services for both engine repairs and supply of new and refurbished spare parts. Our team has experience in providing reliable and professional engine repair services. We will be delighted to meet all your needs and provide the assistance you require. Feel free to get in touch with us.
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