Intercooler reconditioning with spare parts for Jenbacher engines

March 20, 2024by Analía

This week at RS Motor engine maintenance service, a new reconditioning job of cogeneration engine components has been carried out. This time, it’s the intercooler of a Jenbacher engine.
These maintenance processes are performed by inspecting all intercooler components and replacing the necessary ones with genuine and/or original OEM spare parts for Jenbacher engines, Deutz Mwm and Guascor.
The intercooler, is an essential component in engines with a turbocharger or supercharger. Its main function is to cool the compressed air that comes out of the turbocharger before entering the engine’s combustion chamber. This is achieved through a heat exchange with the engine’s cooling system.
The intercooler is necessary because when air is compressed in the turbocharger, its temperature increases. Hot air has less density, meaning it contains fewer air molecules per unit of volume compared to cold air. As a result, the amount of oxygen available for combustion is lower in a certain volume of hot air compared to the same volume of cold air. It is in this context that the intercooler plays a crucial role by cooling the compressed air and increasing its density, ensuring a greater amount of oxygen available for combustion, thereby improving engine efficiency and performance.
The reconditioning of an intercooler is an essential process to maintain optimal engine performance, especially in gas engines, whether they are overhaul of Jenbacher engines,  DEUTZ/MWM (CAT), Guascor, or other brands. At RS Motor, our specialized workshop is responsible for carrying out this process with precision and attention to every detail. Below, we explain the operations we perform during the reconditioning process:

  • Thorough Visual Inspection: Before starting any operation, we perform a meticulous visual inspection of the intercooler to detect possible damages or wear on its exterior appearance.
  • Preliminary Hydraulic Testing: To ensure the absence of leaks, we subject the intercooler to a preliminary hydraulic test, thus guaranteeing its structural integrity.
  • Disassembly of Water Inlet/Outlet Caps: We carefully remove the water inlet and outlet caps to access the interior of the intercooler.
  • Disassembly of Air Side Caps: We proceed with the disassembly of the caps that protect the intercooler’s tubular core.
  • overhaul of Jenbacher enginesReplacement of Fastening Elements: If necessary, we replace damaged or worn fastening elements with new and high-quality ones.
  • Thread Repair: In case we find damaged threads in the intercooler’s body, we carefully repair them to ensure a precise fit.
  • Thread Chasing: We carry out meticulous thread chasing on all threads to guarantee proper functionality.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: We employ ultrasound technology to thoroughly clean the tubular core and caps of the intercooler, eliminating any residue, deposits, or impurities.
  • Sandblasting and Mechanical Cleaning: We perform sandblasting and mechanical cleaning on the caps and body of the intercooler to ensure a surface free of rust and dirt.
  • Inspection and Replacement of Fasteners: We meticulously inspect all screws and, if necessary, replace them with new ones to ensure a secure assembly of the unit.
  • Replacement of Water-Side Gaskets: We renew the water-side gaskets to prevent leaks and ensure an optimal seal.
  • Interior and Exterior Painting: We apply a special paint coating to the interior and exterior of the water-side caps to protect the intercooler against corrosion and improve its durability.
  • Complete Assembly: We precisely assemble all intercooler components, following recommended specifications and torque settings.
  • Final Hydraulic Testing: Before concluding the reconditioning process, we subject the intercooler to a thorough 8-12 hour hydraulic test to validate its performance and ensure its tightness before installation in the cogeneration engine.

If you need consultations or repairs for your engine, do not hesitate to contact us. At RS Motor, we offer repair services as well as supply new and reconditioned spare parts. Our team has experience in providing reliable and professional engine repair services. We will be delighted to meet all your needs and provide the assistance you require. Feel free to get in touch with us.
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