Maintenance of cogeneration engines, reconditioning and engine Overhaul

May 11, 2022by Analía

This time, we show you one of many reconditioning process of engine parts corresponding to an engine Overhaul. we are able to carry out at RS Motor’s workshop.

Apart from cylinder heads, connecting rods, oil pumps, water pumps, actuators… RS Motor has the capacity to refurbish plate heat exchangers (both water/water and oil/water).

Since the plate heat exchanger is received in RS Motor until he is finished to send it again to the Power Plant of our customer, our technicians carried out the following tasks:


  • Previous hydraulic test.
  • Disassembly of components.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning (by U.S. machine) of the plate heat exchanger’s frames.
  • Mechanical cleaning of the frames.
  • Renewal of gaskets.
  • Renewal of plates (usually it is not necessary to do it, but this time our customer asked us for this).
  • Assembling of the plate heat exchanger.
  • Final hydraulic test.
  • Primer and painting.


Both the quality of the new gaskets and the new plates used during the reconditioning of this water/oil plate heat exchanger, allow our client to have complete certainty and confidence that it will be able to fulfill its mission without any problem.

The possible water leaks that can occur in this part make our technicians pay special attention to this concept, since the most important thing is that each gasket and each plate is perfectly installed.


Feel free to contact the RS Motor’s team if you need spare parts and/or Technical Service to carry out any type of repair on your cogeneration engine, or to perform any refurbishment. We alway have available spare parts for Deutz-Mwm