In RS Motor, we are specialists in all types of maintenance of E60 cogeneration engines and marine engines such as Deutz, MWM, Jenbacher, and Guascor.

These maintenance services are carried out both in our facilities and at our customers’ plants. Today, we will talk about the extensive maintenance for Deutz MWM engine overhaul, known as E60 or intermediate overhaul, which is performed between 32,000 and 40,000 hours, depending on the engine type and its year of manufacture.


RS Motor can carry out this type of preventive maintenance at our customers’ facilities, eliminating the need to transport the engine. We use exchange parts from our extensive stock of reconditioned elements to minimize plant downtime and improve productivity.

This maintenance involves the replacement of the main wearing components of the engine. It represents the most comprehensive maintenance before the E70 overhaul. RS Motor performs this maintenance following the manufacturer’s recommendations, inspecting and replacing the components detailed below with genuine or original spare parts for Deutz, MWM, Jenbacher, and Guascor.


spare parts for Deutz-Mwm

• Visual inspection of the installation.
• Checking the engine’s mounting.
• Disassembly of exhaust manifolds and inspection of the exhaust pipe.
• Checking the axial play of the crankshaft.
• Replacement of all cylinder liners and O-rings.
• Assembly of a complete set of new pistons.
• Assembly of reconditioned connecting rods with new bearings.
• Visual verification of the camshaft. Replacement of the roller tappets.
• Replacement of the cylinder heads with reconditioned ones. Checking and adjusting the clearance of the intake and exhaust valves and verifying the remaining valve clearance.
• Replacement of spark plugs and ignition timing check.
• Assembly of reconditioned intercoolers.
• Replacement of UPF filters with new units.
• Inspection and cleaning of the gas-air mixer. This includes replacing the driving band valve kit.
• Changing the main lubricant oil filters.
• Changing the oil filter for the turbocharger.
• Cleaning of the oil cooler.
• Checking the condition of the starter pinion and the ring gear.
• Replacement of the compensators in the cooling circuits, both high and low.
• Checking the condition of the electrical wiring and sensors.
• Replacement of the intake air filter.
• Supply of a reconditioned throttle valve.
• Renewal of the actuator’s ball joints.
• Replacement of worn-out silent blocks.
• Inspection of the condition of hoses and flexible ducts.
• Start-up and functional testing.
• Testing of auxiliary groups using the TEM system.
• Performing E10 maintenance, which involves replacing the oil filter and spark plug washers, once the E60 step is completed.


Regarding the turbocharger, it is either replaced or inspected at a specialized workshop. The standard reconditioning process for the exhaust gas turbocharger includes:

engine overhaul

• Complete disassembly of the turbocharger.
• Cleaning of all components.
• Microblasting of rotor components.
• Microblasting of air and gas casings.
• Inspection of all components.
• Checking the alignment of the shaft.
• Static and dynamic balancing of the rotor.
• Replacement of repair kits 1, 2, and 3.
• Replacement of screws, nuts, and studs.
• Full assembly of the turbocharger.
• Checking clearances and tolerances.
• Final verification.

In addition to preventive engine maintenance, at RS Motor, we offer a wide range of services, including repairs and the supply of both new and reconditioned spare parts. If you need consultations or repairs for your engine, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team has experience in providing reliable and professional engine repair services. We will be delighted to address all your needs and provide the assistance you require. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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