Reconditioning of starter motors on Deutz-Mwm engines and Jenbacher engines

December 11, 2023by Analía

Starter motors are vital components in any engine as they provide the necessary motion to start the main motor using the energy stored in the batteries. The starting methods can be primarily electric or pneumatic. In this case, and as it is more common in the engines we work with at RS Motor, we will discuss the electric starter motors of Deutz-Mwm and Jenbacher engines.

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Since starter motors contain several components that experience wear over time, it is crucial to properly inspect and replace these components. This is especially important as starter motors are expensive elements. A recommended option for our customers is to carry out a thorough inspection and refurbishment of the starter motor components, which can extend their lifespan and avoid costly repairs or complete replacements.

All these repairs can be carried out by RS Motor using only genuine Jenbacher Deutz Mwm and Guascor spare parts. Below are the main components and actions taken during the inspection and refurbishment process of an electric starter motor:

  • Brushes: These parts are responsible for transmitting the electrical current to the rotor winding through the commutator. Due to the friction they undergo, brushes are the main wearing component. In the refurbishment of a starter motor, the brushes must be replaced to ensure proper electrical contact and the correct transmission of energy within the starter motor.
  • Bearings and bushings: These are essential components that allow the relative rotation of the internal motor parts. They are replaced as they are another primary wearing component. Having new bearings ensures better performance and a longer lifespan for the starter motor.
  • Solenoid contacts: These are contact plates, also known as relays, which are actuated by the solenoid coil. They often experience wear due to the electric arc generated during their operation. During the inspection and refurbishment of the starter motor, it is important to inspect the contacts and replace them if they show signs of excessive wear or damage.
  • The starter motor’s rotor undergoes an inspection that primarily analyzes the condition of the commutator and performs a winding insulation test always known as megger test, to assess the state of the armature winding. If any of these elements are found to be in poor condition, rotor replacement should be considered.
  • The stator, which includes the field coil, is inspected and tested for insulation faults. Additionally, the starter motor housing is visually inspected to ensure there are no defects or breakages, and the pole shoes are checked to be in good condition. These actions guarantee the integrity of the stator and its proper functioning.
  • The starter motor drive pinion is responsible for transmitting the motion from the starter motor to the flywheel gear ring. During the refurbishment process, the pinion is examined for wear or breakage. If any issues are detected, replacement is recommended to ensure proper engagement and efficient energy transfer.
  • The bendix assembly, which includes the shift lever or pusher shaft, clutch and springs, is responsible for the engagement between the pinion and the gear ring of the flywheel. During the inspection process, this assembly is thoroughly examined, and its operation is verified for possible faults or wear. It is important to ensure that the bendix assembly is in optimal condition for reliable starting.
  • The solenoid coil is responsible for the activation of the bendix and plunger contact in the starter motor. During refurbishment, a comprehensive inspection of the coil is carried out to detect any possible defects in its operation.

If you need any consultations or repairs for your starter motor, do not hesitate to contact us. At RS Motor, we offer services for both repair and supply of new and refurbished spare parts. Our team has experience in providing reliable and professional motor repair services. We will be delighted to attend to all your needs and provide the assistance you require. Feel free to get in touch with us.
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