Reconditioning of water pumps in the engine overhaul maintenance

January 29, 2024by Analía

At RS Motor engine maintenance service, one of the most common tasks we carry out is the repair and maintenance of water pumps. These interventions are performed as part of scheduled maintenance for cogeneration and marine engine overhaul, as well as in response to situations where water leaks or other issues such as low pressure in the circuit are detected. Water pumps play a crucial role in the proper functioning of internal combustion engines as they circulate the water throughout the engine and cool it.

During these maintenance processes, all components of the pumps are inspected and necessary replacements are made using  spare parts for Jenbacher engines, spare parts for Deutz-Mwm and Guascor genuine and/or original OEM parts. RS Motor also supplies new and exchange reconditioned water pumps.

It is important to note that internal combustion engines often have two separate water circuits: the high-temperature circuit and the low-temperature circuit. Each of these circuits is equipped with a specific water pump that recirculates the coolant to maintain the optimal temperature of the engine in each case, working in conjunction with the rest of the cooling system and heat exchangers.

There are different types of water pumps used in engines, and their operation may vary, but centrifugal water pumps are primarily used. Some pumps are directly driven by the engine through a coupling, while others use an independent electric motor for operation. These pumps are composed of several essential components, including the casing, the impeller responsible for propelling the water flow, the shaft, bearings, the mechanical seal, seals, and O-rings.

  • The casing contains the other components and has a specific shape that, together with the impeller, propels the water flow.
  • The impeller, through its rotation, is responsible for propelling the water flow.
  • The shaft supports the impeller and transmits the motion received from the motor.
  • The bearings support the radial loads of the shaft and impeller, ensuring smooth and free rotation.
  • The mechanical seal, whose main function is to guarantee the pump’s watertightness, prevents water leaks. It is composed of several components that allow the relative rotation of the elements and prevent water leakage.
  • Lip seals have a similar function to the mechanical seal.
  • O-rings ensure a watertight seal in various fixed parts of the casing.

When discussing possible failures in water pumps, it is important to mention the most common ones. These include issues related to the mechanical seal, lip seals, and bearings, which are replaced during pump reconditioning.

  • The mechanical seal can deteriorate over time due to natural wear or unfavourable working conditions.
  • Lip seals, can also wear out over time and need to be replaced to maintain system tightness.
  • Bearings can experience wear due to pump operation and may require replacement.
  • O-rings also deteriorate over time.
  • The remaining components such as the shaft or impeller can also be replaced if they are damaged, although this is less common.

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In conclusion, the maintenance and repair work carried out by RS Motor on water pumps is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of internal combustion engines. Proper and regular care of these components not only guarantees optimal engine performance but also prevents major issues such as overheating or more severe breakdowns. By addressing and resolving potential failures, we ensure the efficiency, durability, and reliability of water pumps in internal combustion engines, providing a reliable service.
If you need consultations or repairs for your engine, do not hesitate to contact us. At RS Motor, we offer repair services as well as supply new and reconditioned spare parts. Our team has experience in providing reliable and professional engine repair services. We will be delighted to meet all your needs and provide the assistance you require. Feel free to get in touch with us.
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