Refurbishment of Jenbacher cylinder heads in RS Motor

February 26, 2020by admin

Today we show you another refurbishment of cylinder heads. In this case, the cylinder heads are from a Jenbacher type 3 owned by one of our Portuguese customers.

The processes which are performed by «RS Motor» in order to refurbish each cylinder head, whatever the engine is, are the following ones:

  1. Reception.
  2. Complete disassembly.
  3. Cleaning by using an ultrasonic cleaning machine
  4. Test to check absence of cracks
  5. Renew of gaskets and other parts (valves, seats, springs, valve guides…).
  6. Assembly of the cylinder head.
  7. Hydraulic test.
  8. Primer and painting.
  9. Packaging and shipment.

Apart of the refurbishment of cylinder heads, «RS Motor» can supply both exchange cylinder heads (previously refurbished) and new cylinder heads. These options give an optimum quality/price ratio and also allow to shorten the downtime if the customer does not have any refurbished part in its power plant.

«RS Motor» has always in stock Jenbacher type 3, type 4, and type 6 cylinder heads apart from cylinder heads for DEUTZ/MWM engines TBG/TCG 616/2016/620/2020/632/2032/2015… and for diesel engines TBD620/645…

As «RS Motor» has hired more than 200 cogeneration gas and diesel engines, the response to unexpected events/failures is fast, efficient and reliable.