Repair of an industrial gas engine

October 26, 2021by Analía


Nowadays, with more than 150 natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, and special gas engines, RS Motor is a competitive firm with large contracts that cover the needs of its customers, and also, it is a sign of guarantee for production.


 RS Motor is specialist on performing all works related to the repair or the Overhaul of an industrial gas engine.

Whatever the type of engine of the main brands that RS Motor works and wherever it is located, RS Motor is capable of giving a fast, efficient and quality response. Several years of experience mean that our engineers and technicians can attend to any type of repair either “on-site” or at RS Motor’s facilities.

 What repairs do we carry out on gas engines in RS Motor?

We show you a brief summary of the most important repairs of parts that we usually carry out at RS Motor.

  • Refurbishment of cylinder heads: Replacement of valves, seats, guides, sleeves (depending on the cylinder head model), O-rings, valve guides, repair and/or machining of the cylinder head’s core (if necessary), machining of the cylinder head faces, complete assembly and final hydraulic test.
  • Cleaning of intercoolers: Complete dismantling of the intercooler, subsequent ultrasonic cleaning by using an ultrasonic cleaning machine, mechanical cleaning of covers and body, replacement of sealing gaskets, complete assembly and final hydraulic test.
  • Refurbishment of oil cooler: Disassembly of the oil cooler, replacement of sealing elements, assembly and hydraulic test.
  • Refurbishment of connecting rods: Checking the parallelism of the connecting rod body. If within tolerances, install new small end bushings and new bolts or studs.
  • Repair of water and/or oil pumps: In this case, the option is to replace the seals, the watertight gaskets and the seals and/or bushings or pinions in case their recovery does not compensate.
  • Checking of starters: In the RS Motor’s electrical workshop, specialized equipment is available to check whether the starters are in good condition or not. If you need to change a part, it can also be done.
  • Engine block refurbishment: Sometimes it is necessary to carry out some extra work, such as machining the upper and/or lower parts of the engine block.
  • Checking the condition of the crankshaft: Dimensional checking of all dimensions of the crankshaft.
  • Renewal of the main engine parts: Pistons, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, cylinder liners, cylinder head gasket sets, thrust bearings, camshaft bushings …
  • Renewal of secondary engine spare parts: Gaskets, screws, bolts, nuts, o-rings, rubber springs, spark plugs, ignition coils, spark plug cables, oil filters, air filters, UPF filters…


Gas engine maintenance

There are several types of maintenance that can be carried out on industrial gas engines. About them, RS Motor is specialist in the following ones:

  • Preventive maintenance: These are maintenances carried out taking into account the operating hours of the engine. Hour Interval varies by engine manufacturer. There are from minor preventive maintenance to major preventive maintenance (usually called Overhaul). The work to be carried out in the preventive maintenance of engines is listed in the manufacturer’s maintenance plan.
  • Corrective maintenance: Type of maintenance that needs to be carried out as soon as possible in the event of an unscheduled engine stop due to various causes (seizures, high temperatures, high pressures, electronic failures …). The works are adapted to the needs of the engine at that time.

In this occasion we show how RS Motor repairs an industrial gas engine, which generates from 3,5 MW to 4,5 MW of electrical power.

One of the most important works is to verify the crankshaft dimensions. Then, if it is OK, we start to renew the main bearings, we also refurbish the connecting rods in RS Motor and so one.

But in some occasions, it is necessary to make some extra works like machining the upper part of the engine block, and also, its bottom part. The same happens if cylinder heads are not in good status. Apart from the renew of valves, seats, valve guides, springs,… sometimes the core of the cylinder head can be cavitated due to water. In order to try to solve that, RS Motor machines them (if possible) in order to leave them able to be used again.

Other important parts that we have to refurbish and check are: intercoolers, oil coolers, pumps,… Once these elements are repaired or reconditioned, they are submitted to an hydraulic test in order to verify the absence of leaks.

At the final, when all works are finished, RS Motor starts to assemble again the engine for sending it to the Power Plant again.

In short, an appropriate Technical Service linked to the quality of the spare parts used, make the engine able to run on a more regular basis.

Service over gas engines

In RS Motor, we are specialized on carrying out several works on the gas engines listed below:

















CAT CG132-8

CAT CG132-12

CAT CG132-16

CAT CG170-12

CAT CG170-16

CAT CG170-20

CAT CG260-12

CAT CG260-16


Jenbacher J208

Jenbacher J212

Jenbacher J312

Jenbacher J316

Jenbacher J320

Jenbacher J412

Jenbacher J416

Jenbacher J420

Jenbacher J612

Jenbacher J616

Jenbacher J620

Jenbacher J624


FG 180 6L

FGLD 180 6L


FG 240 8L

FGLD 240 8L

SFGLD 240 8L

HGM 240 8L

FGLD 360 12V

SFGLD 360 12V

FGLD 480 16V

SFGLD 480 16V

SFGLD 560 16V

SFGM 560 16V

HGM 560 16V


Overhaul of gas engines

In different occasions and in plants where downtime makes it unfeasible, RS Motor can carry out the Overhaul works using an exchange “shortblock” or an exchange “longblock”, thus minimizing the Power Plant downtime due to preventive/corrective maintenance of the engine.