Ultrasonic cleaning of intercooler Caterpillar G3516, engine overhaul

August 17, 2022by seo es

This time we show you one ultrasonic cleaning of an intercooler Caterpillar G3516, engine overhaul, at RS Motor’s workshop.

This type and model of intercooler is not common at RS Motor, as the specialties of our company are mainly the engines DEUTZ/MWM (CAT), Jenbacher and Guascor.

Anyway, as this time the work is only to clean an intercooler, at RS Motor we are completely able to perform it like we usually do on other type of intercoolers. 

This intercooler of a CATERPILLAR G3516 gas engine is cleaned by ultrasound following the usual steps that are carried out on other types of intercoolers. These tasks are:

  1. Previous hydraulic test.
  2. Disassembly of components.
  3. Ultrasonic cleaning (by U.S. machine).
  4. Mechanical cleaning.
  5. Repair of the intercooler female threads.
  6. Installation of sealing gaskets (water side).
  7. Final hydraulic test.

Apart from this intercooler CATERPILLAR G3516, RS Motor is also able to recondition other type of parts for this engine model (such as water pumps, oil pumps, connecting rods, cylinder heads…).

In the pictures we share with all of you, you can see the final result and the quality of our job. 

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