Reconditioning of connecting rods in the maintenance of cogeneration engines

June 19, 2024by Analía

In this post, we will talk about another one of the most common tasks carried out at the RS Motor workshop to do our engine maintenance service. This task involves the reconditioning of connecting rods for Deutz MWM Jenbacher or Guascor cogeneration engines.


Deutz-MwmRS Motor stands out as a benchmark in the repair of gas engines, cogeneration, and marine engines. As an integral part of scheduled preventive maintenance and repair work, a significant number of connecting rod reconditioning tasks are undertaken within our company.

Connecting rods are integral components of the engine’s reciprocating assembly, responsible for converting the linear motion of the pistons into the rotational motion of the crankshaft. The connecting rod is a crucial engine part subjected to substantial forces of compression, inertia, and vibrations.

Thorough and guaranteed reconditioning of connecting rods is essential for the proper functioning of the engine and to avoid unplanned breakdowns that could reduce the productivity of the power plant in which the engine is installed. Moreover, the high cost associated with a failure caused by a damaged connecting rod cannot be overlooked. This is why RS Motor exclusively employs spare parts for Guascor engines, Deutz MWM engines and Jenbacher engines; genuine or OEM spare parts, ensuring the quality of each carried-out repair.


The process of reconditioning a connecting rod begins with disassembly, followed by a visual analysis that allows us to diagnose bearing failures and determine the overall condition of the connecting rod.

After the visual analysis of the component, a meticulous inspection and dimensional analysis are conducted. This involves taking several measurements of the diameters of the connecting rod’s big end bearing housing and small end bearing housing, after the installation of the rod cap and the screws or bolts with the appropriate torque. Another crucial measurement in the analysis of a connecting rod is the parallelism and distance between the bearing housings, which helps us determine if there are deformations in the body.

If any of these measurements fall outside the values recommended by the manufacturer, the connecting rod is discarded and will not be reused.

If the measurements are within the appropriate tolerance range, the next step involves replacing the small end bearing shell. For its installation, thermal fitting methods are employed, utilizing heating or cooling of the parts since the assembly features an interference fit.

The big end bearing shells and the connecting rod bolts are also frequently replaced, always being included as part of extensive maintenance procedures or any work that involves their disassembly for the engine maintenance service.


A team of experienced technicians proficient in the repair and engine maintenance service of Deutz MWM (CAT), Jenbacher, and Guascor cogeneration and marine engines at RS Motor carries out this work. This expertise allows us to offer reliable and high-quality services.

If you need to recondition the connecting rods of your DEUTZ/MWM (CAT), Jenbacher, or Guascor engine, RS Motor is here to assist you. Whether you have inquiries or require engine repairs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. At RS Motor, we provide both repair services and supply new and reconditioned spare parts.

Our team is well-versed in delivering reliable and professional engine repair services. We would be delighted to address all your needs and provide the assistance you require. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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