This time, since RS Motor is a company specialized in carrying out Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul, we show you one of the latest Overhauls (E70 maintenance) performed in our workshop.

On that Overhaul (E70 maintenance) over the DEUTZ-MWM TBG620V16F engine of one of our Spanish customers, the RS Motor technical service team carries out all the tasks and works specified in the manufacturer’s maintenance plan, in order to offer all the possible guarantees of operation and good practice.

The preventive maintenance E70 on DEUTZ-MWM TBG620V16F gas engines is carried out every 48.000 running hours. As on other occasions, this E70 maintenance or Overhaul can be performed either “on-site” or at the RS Motor’s workshop. This time, our customer decides to send his genset to RS Motor for a more thorough inspection of it.


Spare parts for Deutz-Mwm

Next, we describe the most important works carried out at RS Motor during the Overhaul (maintenance E70) of the gas engine DEUTZ-MWM TBG620V16F, with special emphasis, as usually, on the fact that all the new spare parts installed on the DEUTZ-MWM TBG620V16F engine are genuine or OEM:

  • Renewal of actuator’s linkage RS-12027535 y RS-01177806.
  • Replacement of main lubricating oil filters RS-12128936.
  • Replacement of turbocharger oil filter RS-12272453.
  • Renewal of spark plugs. This time, spark plugs DENSO GL3-5 are installed (RS-00000035).
  • Replacement of ignition leads RS-12300136.
  • Standard refurbishment of the turbocharger ABB TPS-52.
  • Check the Engine mounting.
  • Check starter pinion and gear rim on the flywheel.
  • Visually check of the exhaust manifold/ pipe. Replacement of exhaust gas compensators RS-12210285, clips RS-12453988 and o-seals RS-12305008.
  • Supply of 16 previously reconditioned exchange cylinder heads. The supplied reconditioned cylinder heads are previously refurbished at RS Motor’s workshop.
  • Cleaning of the gas mixing valve with replacement of driving bands RS-12217479.
  • Cleaning of both intercoolers RS-12301219 by feeding them within an ultrasonic cleaning machine.
  • Replacement of cylinder liners RS-12300509.
  • Renewal of rubber compensators. RS Motor includes the replacement of 2 HT compensators and 2 LT compensators, with part numbers RS-12037134 y RS-12037138.
  • Renewal of the “isolators” from the air filters, from the wiring system and also renewal of the flexible hoses of the engine lubrication system.
  • Check valves and engine regulating devices.
  • Replacement of the set RS-12211180 of the throttle valve.
  • Replacement of valve tappets (roller tappets) RS-12453142. 
  • Renewal of connecting rod bearings RS-12420916.
  • Replacement of main bearings. RS-12452207.
  • Change of pistons (complete pistons with piston rings, circlips and piston pin) RS-12453016.
  • Check both crankshafts and measure them (side A and side B).
  • Replacement of camshaft bushings RS-12027574.
  • Change of small end bushings of the connecting rods RS-12307496 and subsequent replacement of big end bolts RS-12515587. Checking the parallelism of the connecting rod body.
  • Renew crankshaft sealing rings.
  • Measure the crankshaft and clean it.
  • Replacement of air filters RS-12189925.
  • Reconditioning of oil coolers and subsequent replacement of internal gaskets, o-seals and o-rings.
  • Final hydraulic test to verify there is absence of water leakage.
  • Primer and paint of the entire genset.
  • Moisture-proof packaging for subsequent shipment of the genset (engine + alternator) to the customer’s power plant.

Once the preventive maintenance E70 is finished in the workshop, our technicians go to the customer’s power plant to start-up the engine. During the commissioning after the Overhaul, one of the most important things is to make sure that all engine parameters are within their nominal values.

As now you have seen another example of RS Motor’s technical capacity during maintenance, do not hesitate to request an offer from our team for the supply of any type of spare part (genuine and/or OEM) or work on DEUTZ-MWM engines (CAT).

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