Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul maintenance, preventive of 1500 hours

November 15, 2022by Analía

Our company carries out the Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul of great scope in our workshops, but another of our main works are the realization of preventive maintenance of smaller scope, in particular we will speak of those carried out in the Deutz Mwm engines at 1500 hours of regular operation of the same called maintenance E30.

This type of intervention linked to the number of hours that the engine is running is always marked by the engine manufacturer, so it is the manufacturer who determines the frequency with which we must carry out preventive maintenance on the engine, a very important part in order to try to avoid breakdowns, as this would involve greater expenditure and an imminent unscheduled shutdown of the unit.

Preventive maintenance means that the probability of unexpected stoppages is considerably reduced and the useful life of the engine is benefited, resulting in lower costs in the medium to long term.

The steps to follow for this type of work are as follows:

  • Communicate to the client of the forecast shutdown of the engine at the plant, thus allowing them to make their internal planning and adapt their needs to the moments prior to the intervention.
  • Visual control of the installation: This step is used to determine whether the installation is in good or bad condition, as it is important to keep the area clean and free of obstacles, as well as the surface of the engine in order to have a better control of possible leaks.
  • Checking the oil level: Checking that the amount of oil in the engine is adequate is extremely important, whether it is too much or too little. This is checked through the control system.
  • Control of the cooling water level: Checking the amount of cooling water, as well as the oil, which must be at the correct level.
  • Procedure for checking and adjusting intake and exhaust valves: A very important step, as this is the way to check whether a valve needs to be replaced or not.
  • Changing filters: Each engine has a different type of filter. At RS Motor we have all types of spare parts for Deutz Mwm. That is why, depending on the type of engine and number of cylinders, the corresponding air, oil or turbocharger filter is replaced.
  • Spark plugs: The spark plugs are removed, cleaned, checked and gauged and the resistance of the spark plug wires is checked by means of a multimeter.
  • Replacement of the O-rings and rocker cover seals: After the work has been carried out, the corresponding seals are replaced to ensure a completely leak-tight circuit.
Once all the work has been completed, we proceed as follows:
  • Cleaning of the area once the work has been completed: As mentioned above, leaving the area completely clean helps our customers to have a better control of possible leaks.
  • Filling of coolant and oil, starting the engine, checking normal working temperatures, absence of noises, and indicator lights by means of the control system.
  • Checking of control devices, shutdown and regulation functions.
  • In the event of finding any incident during the execution of the work, these are rectified or, failing that, the client is informed for subsequent resolution if it cannot be solved at that time.

Now that we know the tasks carried out in a preventive maintenance at 1500 running-in hours, we know the importance of its execution and generally its execution time does not exceed half a working day.

The following images show some of the work carried out in to engine maintenance service at the plant.

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