Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul on TBD620V12 diesel engine with shortblock supply

September 1, 2022by seo es

RS Motor is an expert in the maintenance of cogeneration engines, on this occasion we show how RS Motor performs a major maintenance on a Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul, normally called Overhaul on a diesel group. On this occasion, the unit was assembled with the supply of a pre-assembled shortblock owned by RS MOTOR in order to shorten the execution time as well as being a synonym of guarantee.

The work carried out is described below, with RS MOTOR being in charge of supplying the spare parts for Deutz-Mwm engine:

– Preparation of new pistons.
– Checking of the connecting rods, replacement of the connecting rod foot bushing and the two connecting rod cap screws.
– Fitting of new camshafts and tappets.
– Cleaning of the crankshaft and dimensional inspection of the crankshaft.
– Preparation and installation of a new oil pump.
.Complete overhaul of 12 cylinder heads. The work to be carried out on these cylinder heads is as follows:

– Exploded view of each cylinder head in the workshop.
– Removal of intake and exhaust seats.
– Removal of valve guides.
– Ultrasonic cleaning of the cylinder head body.
– Fitting of new intake and exhaust seats.
– Fitting of new intake and exhaust valves.
– Replacement of the injector sleeve.
– Fitting of the same valve springs.
– Fitting of NEW rotocaps and wedges.
– Hydraulic test of the assembly.
– Painting of the same.
– Cleaning of oil coolers. Hydraulic test of the same.
– Cleaning of intercoolers. Hydraulic test of the intercoolers.
– Assembly of the crankshaft with new main bearings.

Finally, when all the work is completed, RS Motor fully assembles the engine and sends it to the customer’s plant.

After a brief description of the tasks carried out, we share some of the most representative images of the tasks involved in the maintenance of cogeneration engines, on this occasion of the diesel unit in question.

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