Engine Overhaul at RS Motor’s workshop, GUASCOR SFGLD-240

September 13, 2022by seo es

On previous weeks, we showed you the complete process to carry out engine Overhauls on DEUTZ-MWM gas engines TCG2016V08C, TCG2016V12C and MWM TCG2016V16C (also called CAT CG132-8, CAT CG132-12 and CAT CG132-16).

This week, we show you another complete engine Overhaul (maintenance R3), this time on a gas engine Guascor SFGLD-240 from one of our current customers.

The major Overhaul  (maintenance R3) on gas engines GUASCOR SFGLD-240 is performed each 50.400 running hours if they are for biogas (landfill gas, sewerage gas…) applications.


Engine maintenance service

As in other engine brands (for example in case of RS Motor DEUTZ-MWM (CAT) or Jenbacher), on gas engines GUASCOR SFGLD-240 the maintenance R3 is the bigger preventive maintenance of the engine, on which all its main wear parts are changed:


–          Replacement of lubricating oil filters.

–          Renewal of spark plugs.

–          Renewal of ignition cables and ignition coils.

–          Standard refurbishment of the turbocharger Mitsubishi (or renewal if necessary).

–          Check the engine mounting.

–          Check starter pinion and gear rim on the flywheel.

–          Recondition of all cylinder heads (in this case 8 cylinder heads). All valve seats, valve springs, valves… are renewed.

–          Ultrasonic cleaning machine of the intercooler.

–          Replace the cylinder liners.

–          Check valves and engine regulating devices.

–          Replacement of valve tappets.

–          Replacement of thermostats.

–          Replace connecting rod bearings.

–          Replacement of pistons (complete).

–          Visually check of camshaft.

–          Replace the camshaft bushings.

–          Renewal of the small end bushings and the replacement of the connecting rod bolts in case the connecting rods are within tolerances and parallelism.

–          Renew crankshaft sealing rings.

–          Measure the crankshaft and clean it.

–          Replacement of air filters (primary filter and security filter).

–          Replacement of main oil pump.

–          Refurbishment of oil cooler with replacement of internal sealing elements.

–          Final hydraulic test.

–          Primer and painting.

–          Anti-humidity packaging for subsequent shipment to the customer’s plant


As you can see, the Overhaul of gas engines GUASCOR SFGLD-240 is similar than the Overhaul of gas engines DEUTZ-MWM (CAT) or Jenbacher. Once you know the steps that our engineers carried out during the maintenance R3 of this gas engine GUASCOR SFGLD-240, we show you few pictures of the previously described maintenance tasks.

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