Engine Overhaul “on-site”: MWM TCG2032V16

January 7, 2020by admin

Second week of the year and «RS Motor» is already performing an engine Overhaul “on-site”. In this case, the engine is MWM TCG2032V16. The team of «RS Motor» estimates to finish this Overhaul in 2 weeks.

In order to finish all labor as soon as possible, our team is working hard. New main bearings, pistons, cylinder linersare installed directly in the power plant. Concerning the cylinder heads, con-rods, intercoolers, main oil pump… we sent them to our workshop in order to refurbish everything with specific tools.

Spare parts are always original (OEM or genuine). Thanks to this, we can guarantee the labor supporting us in terms of quality and an accurate execution.

Apart of the execution of this engine Overhaul “on-site”, the workshop team of «RS Motor» is also performing some refurbishments on cylinder heads for DEUTZ/MWM TBG616/TCG2016, TBG620/TCG2020… The wide stock of the warehouse of «RS Motor» allows to accomplish in a short time period any type of repair or maintenance. This is our daily work on our workshop (sometimes we refurbish cylinder heads, sometimes our team cleans intercoolers, sometimes we repair big piston seizures on engines, sometimes we clean flame arresters, repair starters, actuators, throttle valves, mixing valves, water pumps, exhaust gas heat exchangers, fuel pumps, injectors, oil pumps…).

We hope you enjoy with the pictures!.