This week, RS Motor’s workshop has successfully completed another Jenbacher gas engine overhaul and maintenance process, focusing on cogeneration engines. On this occasion, a Jeneplacing the necessary wear elements, reassembling them with new gaskets and carrying out the relevant dimensional analyses and tests in each case.
It should be noted that all the spare parts for Jenbacher engines used are genuine  and/or original OEM spare parts, which guarantees the quality of the assembly and ensures the proper operation of the unit, thus reducing the risk of unforeseen breakdowns that could affect the performance of the engines.

Jenbacher gas engine overhaul
In addition to the aforementioned repairs, machining was carried out on the engine block to correct the found defects, ensuring its proper functioning.Once the overhaul and engine assembly were completed, we performed a hydraulic test to ensure that there were no leaks in any part of the engine. This test is essential to verify the integrity of the engine’s connections, gaskets and seals, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and performance.
In addition to mechanical repairs, we also pay attention to the aesthetic aspects of the engine. Our specialised paint booth allows us to apply a high quality primer and paint coat, which not only improves the visual appearance of the engine, but also protects against corrosion and wear.

At RS Motor, we strive to provide comprehensive and high-quality solutions for engine repair and overhaul. Our meticulous approach at every stage of the repair process allows us to guarantee reliability, optimum performance, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment does not end with the delivery of the repaired engine; we offer a complete after-sales service and are available for technical support and advice at any time. If you are looking for reliable and professional engine repair services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with all your needs.
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