Maintenance of Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul, reconditioning of gas mixing valves

March 9, 2023by Analía

The reconditioning of gas mixing valves is a type of work that is frequently carried out during preventive maintenance of larger Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul. If this equipment is overhauled and replacement of the components indicated and susceptible to wear is carried out, the equipment will perform properly and show no signs of any kind of malfunction, which translates into cost savings in engine maintenance as unnecessary shutdowns are avoided.

What is a gas mixing valve?

A gas/air mixer is an equipment where the formation of the mixture of these two components takes place. The formation of this flammable mixture from gas and air takes place directly upstream of the turbocharger, in the so-called gas/air mixer.

It consists of a Venturi tube, a narrowing of the flow-optimised tube with a gradual enlargement. Thanks to its design, the flow experiences minimal pressure losses and thus minimal filling losses in the cylinders. The flow reaches the highest velocity at the narrowest part.

The advantage of this type of mixture is that the ratio of gas to air remains almost constant, even with large changes in the intake mixture, which is where the engine’s safe and economical operating range lies.

The adjustable gas clearance is used to adjust the gas/air mixture. The mixture quantity is controlled by the throttle valve or the rotary distributor.

The valves usually consist of the following parts:

  • Teflon-coated belts and seals: These components are disassembled and checked, the teflon-coated belts and seals are always replaced, as they lose their sealing and all their properties over time, as well as material wear, and a seal must always be replaced after assembly as it acquires its own shape.
  • Proximity sensor: The proximity sensor is checked by checking its connector and position adjustment.
  • Drive shaft: The drive shaft must be free of dirt so that the zeppelin, which closes against the cone and creates the Venturi effect, can move perfectly.

Finally, the valve is subjected to a thorough internal cleaning so that all the elements can fulfil their function. Subsequently, it is assembled and checked, without forgetting the application of the primer and exterior paint to protect the hull.

At RS Motor we attach great importance and guarantee that the spare parts for Deutz-Mwm replaced are genuine and/or OEM when reconditioning a gas mixing valve as the quality of the materials is of vital importance when it comes to the durability of the equipment and taking into account the functions of the valve, they are a factor that plays a fundamental role in the useful life of the engine. In addition, the long experience and qualified workmanship that we have in RS Motor on this type of mixing valves endorses us and makes us competitive in this type of maintenance of cogeneration engines.

We want to show you pictures of different mixing valves that have passed through our workshop, many customers have decided to bring their equipment for overhaul and maintenance. As you can see, these equipments are thoroughly disassembled following RS Motor’s quality standards.

Now that you see how we work and you are determined to have your mixing valve reconditioned, request a quote from RS Motor for inspection. For more information, visit our website or contact us.