Refit gas-air mixture control system in GUASCOR FGLD 240 engine with supply of spare parts for Guascor engines

April 12, 2023by Analía

RS Motor being a consolidated company and a reference when it comes to carrying out wide-ranging maintenance, as well as the supply of original and OEM spare parts for Guascor engines, this time we want to show you a project that goes beyond the purely mechanical or repairs, it is an automation of the air-gas mixture regulation system thanks to the installation of the technology of our partner Motortech GmbH.
The problem that our customer presented to us was that the current engine regulation system had a series of problems that caused instability in the regular operation of his GUASCOR FGLD 240 unit, leading to unscheduled stops and therefore a loss of money and uncontrolled interventions of technical operators leading to unnecessary hours. The solution would be the update of the air-gas mixture with motortech Varifuel technology which would involve the implementation and joint integration of the mixing and regulation system with an ITB equipment replacing the butterfly valve and Varifuel equipment replacing the mixing valve in the vicinity of the engine and a SC100 card in place of the current card receiving the same connections.
The aim and objective is the modernization, comfort and reliability of the engine at control level with MOTORTECH technology looking for the points of improvement.


  • Optimisation of the starting and operation of the engine.
  • More reliable ignition control.
  • Visualisation of ignition control and adjustment of various parameters.
  • Complete kits for a quick and easy upgrade.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • More economical maintenance.

All MOTORTECH components used in the upgrade are basically listed below:

  • Integrated throttle body, ID 80 mm, with embedded O-ring forAlphaRail
  • ALL-IN-ONE Generator & CHP Control System.
  • VariFuel2 Air/Gas Mixer.
  • VariStep 3.
  • Speed control kit incl. VariStep3 stepper motor driver.

This work was carried out after the comprehensive overhaul engine maintenance service and replacement of Guascor spare parts in a total period of 4 weeks. Our only objective is to try to achieve the best final results thanks to our specific tools, the constant support of our partner MOTORTECH and constancy with the only aim to satisfy our customer’s needs. These tools, prepared to adapt to any GUASCOR engine, allow our technicians to shorten the delivery time and to work more efficiently, cleanly and accurately.
With our partners at Motortech and after providing the customer with a complete solution for the retrofit of the mixing system, we ensure that the customer will have the service and operation of the unit without incidents and in the most optimal and efficient way on the market. Now being able to operate the engine from the system’s touch screen and accessing the remote control, he can have access to the automatic processes. All this work included the new manufacture and assembly of the piping system, as well as the implementation of a new electrical panel with the latest generation of equipment on the market and not least a clean and clear aesthetic to access all of them.
Below we show you a series of images of the new installation in the client’s plant where you can see all the works commented with the Motortech equipment and the installation of this new electrical panel.
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