Overhaul of Jenbacher engines maintenance 60,000 hours, Jenbacher J312

February 20, 2023by Analía

This week our team is performing a 60,000 hour maintenance also known as overhaul of Jenbacher engines, this time the customer chooses to send the complete unit to RS Motor.

Our team and skilled technicians will then leave the unit ready for at least another 60,000 hours of operation where RS Motor will install original and OEM parts on the engine.

The reconditioning of Jenbacher gas engine overhaul is commonplace at RS Motor. So much so that we consider this work to be routine. RS Motor is able to perform any overhaul and reconditioning of industrial engine on Jenbacher engines using original/OEM spare parts at the end customer’s desired location (on-site at RS Motor).

The main tasks to be carried out are listed below. It should be specified that these tasks are generic in all groups, but RS Motor always adapts to the needs of each of our customers, thus adjusting to the peculiarities of the engines that pass through our workshop:

  • Disassembly of all the components of the engine block.
  • Checking the block for cavitations or damage (visual inspection).
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the intercooler.
  • Standard reconditioning of the customer’s cylinder heads or, failing that, RS Motor will supply reconditioned exchange cylinder heads if the customer considers it necessary.
  • Replacement of the gas injector valves.
  • Replacement of actuator linkage ball joints.
  • Replacement of pre-chamber tips.
  • Replacement of the bronze sleeves.
  • Replacement of the main bearings.
  • Replacement of complete pistons (rings, pins and circlips).
    – Replacement of valve tappets (tappets).
  • Replacement of cylinder liners.
  • Overhaul of high voltage connections and wiring. Renewal of ignition coils and ignition cables.
  • Overhaul/replacement of connecting rods.
  • Replacement of connecting rod head bearings.
  • Checking the condition of the crankshaft for subsequent recovery or replacement.
  • Checking the dimensions and tolerances of the camshaft.
  • Renewal of camshaft bushes.
  • Replacement of the vibration damper.
  • Replacement of engine and alternator rubber bearings.
  • Standard reconditioning of the turbocharger if the customer so wishes and subsequent assembly of the same on the engine.
  • Replacement of consumable parts (air filters, main oil filter and spark plugs).
  • Cleaning of the battery connection terminals.
  • Supply of a starter.
  • Replacement of main oil pump.
  • Replacement of circulating water pump.
  • Overhaul of timing and replacement of bearings. Supply and replacement of the parts of the timing system that suffer the most wear and tear is included.
  • Pre-lube pump check/verification.
  • Standard alternator overhaul with bearing replacement if required by the customer.
  • Replacement of throttle shaft.
  • Replacement of engine-alternator coupling.
  • Verification of the servomotor.
  • Assembly of the rest of the minor elements (various gaskets, bearings, screws…).
  • Completion of the complete assembly of the engine.
  • Final hydraulic test of the whole assembly to verify the absence of leaks.
  • Priming and painting in Jenbacher green.
  • Moisture-proof packaging for transport RS Motor – plant.

At the end, when all the work is finished, RS Motor starts to reassemble the engine to send it to the customer’s plant.
For more information, please contact us at www.rsmotorps.com. We are waiting for you.