Overhaul of Jenbacher engines, Deutz Mwm and Guascor engines

September 19, 2023by Analía

Previously we were talking about the small maintenance steps, today it’s time to talk about the extended scope maintenance carried out at the client’s facilities, such as the overhaul of Jenbacher engines, Guascor, and Deutz engines.
At RS Motor, we specialize in cogeneration engine maintenance and perform all maintenance steps, from minor to complete overhauls. We always use genuine spare parts for Jenbacher, spare parts for Guascor, and spare parts for Deutz Mwm genuine and OEM to ensure that the engine continues to function correctly, extending its lifespan and ensuring engine productivity while minimizing the risk of unexpected downtime.

These types of preventative maintenance are determined by the manufacturer and following these instructions, our team of technicians, with extensive experience in overhaul and reconditioning of industrial engines and engine maintenance service, carry out a series of checks and component replacements.
Actions to be taken in this type of maintenance include, among others:

  • Replacement of all liners along with their O-rings and examination of the state of the engine block.
  • Replacement of all pistons, piston rings, and pins, which, along with the liners, are important elements for the proper functioning of the engine, which wear out and if preventative maintenance is not carried out, can cause severe damage. Their replacement is essential to maintain the engine’s compression at original values.
  • Refurbishing of connecting rods after their dimensional examination, replacing the small end bearings and big end bearings, and replacing the connecting rod bolts.
  • As for the cylinder heads, RS Motor supplies exchange cylinder heads, which means we have a large stock of revised and refurbished cylinder heads that we provide to our customers while their cylinder heads are sent to our facilities and become the property of RS Motor. This way, maintenance work is faster, eliminating the need for cylinder head shipments and refurbishment that is done in advance.
  • The camshaft is a critical component to ensure the good performance of the engine and is inspected and dimensionally verified by our technicians during this type of maintenance.
  • The turbocharger is disassembled and sent for standard reconditioning.
  • The intercooler is usually sent to RS Motor facilities for ultrasonic cleaning and a review and reconditioning. The oil cooler is cleaned and reconditioned. The good condition of both elements is essential to maintain the correct working temperatures of the engine fluids and maintain its performance.
  • Standard reconditioning of the starter motor is carried out and its pinion and the toothed crown of the flywheel are inspected for wear or breakage.
  • The speed regulator linkage is checked and examined to ensure its good operation, as well as the butterfly valve.
  • All spark plugs and filters are replaced.

Once the relevant adjustments have been made, an engine start-up and progressive load increase are carried out, checking that all engine parameters are within working values. All auxiliary systems of the engine, safety functions, alarms, and indicators are checked, and the correct operation of the entire installation is verified.
After the engine has been run-in, a small scope maintenance is carried out, consisting of a change of filters and oil.
With these scheduled preventive maintenance measures, we can extend the life of the engine, improve its performance, and avoid unexpected stops. At RS Motor, we take pride in offering these services to our customers, and are committed to excellence in customer service and customer satisfaction in every job we undertake. If you require preventive maintenance services on your DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher gas engines overhaul or Guascor engines, please do not hesitate to contact us; our technical department will be happy to assist you with whatever you need.
For more information, please contact us at www.rsmotorps.com. We are waiting for you.