Reconditioning of MWM 2032 cylinder heads in the repair of Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul, Jenbacher and Guascor engines

February 15, 2024by Analía

At RS Motor, as specialists in the repair and maintenance of Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul, Jenbacher, and Guascor cogeneration engines, we perform reconditioning of cylinder heads in our workshop. Additionally, we have a large stock of cylinder heads available for sale and exchange.
Today, we present the reconditioning of cylinder heads from an MWM TCG 2032 V16 engine.
Cylinder heads are one of the most important parts of an engine. Therefore, their good condition is essential to keep the engine running with proper performance and to avoid breakdowns that could decrease plant productivity.
For this reason, RS Motor has a warehouse with a large stock of spare parts for Deutz-Mwm, Guascor, Jenbacher and genuines… and a specialized workshop equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out high-quality cylinder head reconditioning. All the spare parts installed in the cylinder heads reconditioned by RS Motor are genuine and/or original OEM, also available for sale.
The best way to ensure our clients that the cylinder heads reconditioned by RS Motor meet the strictest quality criteria is as follows:

  • Having a team of specialized technicians with extensive experience in working with these types of engines.
  • Having specific tools and equipment adapted to each cylinder head model.
  • Continuous improvement of all processes and their modernization.
  • Having a large stock of spare parts that allows us to expedite repair work without depending on delivery times.
  • Always installing quality spare parts, whether they are OEM or genuine, and never using or installing alternative parts.
  • Final quality control before shipment.
  • Just like in previous publications, we will explain how we carry out the cylinder head reconditioning process. In general, all cylinder heads undergo the same reconditioning process before being sent to the customer’s facilities or installed on the engine. Here are the most common tasks involved:


    • Complete disassembly of cylinder heads and all their components.
    • Ultrasonic cleaning of all cylinder head shells.
    • Crack testing.
    • Repair of cylinder head liner-seat if necessary.
    • Installation of new valve guides.
    • Replacement of O-rings and gaskets to ensure sealing.
    • Installation of intake and exhaust seats.
    • Installation of new intake and exhaust valves in all cylinder heads.
    • Installation of a new sleeve or inspection of the current sleeve in the cylinder head, depending on the cylinder head model.
    • Replacement of rotocaps.
    • Spring replacement (according to the cylinder head).
    • Hydraulic testing of each cylinder head.
    • Priming and exterior painting.

In addition to cylinder head reconditioning, RS Motor can supply both exchange cylinder heads (previously reconditioned) and new cylinder heads. These options offer the customer an optimal balance between quality and price and also help reduce engine downtime if there are no spare cylinder heads available on-site.
RS Motor always keeps cylinder heads in stock for DEUTZ MWM gas engines TBG and TCG 616, 2016, 620, 2020, 632, 2032, 2015… as well as for DEUTZ diesel engines TBD620 and 645…
Every year, RS Motor reconditions thousands of cylinder heads in its facilities. The most common models and brands of engines for which RS Motor reconditions cylinder heads are listed below:
DEUTZ: TBG616V8, TBG616V12, TBG616V16, TBG620V12, TBG620V16, TBG620V20, TBG632V12, TBG632V16.
MWM: TCG2016V8, TCG2016V12, TCG2016V16, TCG2020V12, TCG2020V16, TCG2020V20, TCG2032V12, TCG2032V16.
CAT: CG 132-8, CG 132-12, CG 132-16, CG 170-12, CG 170-16, CG 170-20, CG 260-12, CG 260-16.
If you need to recondition the cylinder heads of your DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher, or Guascor engine, contact RS Motor. Our team of professionals will assist you with everything you need and provide you with all the available alternatives to get your engine up and running as soon as possible.
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