Repair of Deutz Mwm engines and injectors in diesel engines | Overhaul and reconditioning of industrial engines

October 10, 2022by Analía

In RS Motor we carry out the overhaul and reconditioning of industrial engines mwm deutz, today we are going to talk about those that operate with Diesel. This type of work requires the disassembly of all those components that can be checked for subsequent reconditioning or replacement. In particular, one of the most important elements are the injectors, then we will explain their purpose and operation, since their optimal maintenance guarantees a regular running of the engine.

The injection system located in the cylinder head provides fuel at high pressure to the compression cycle of the engine. When it comes into contact with the air at high temperatures, it ignites causing combustion. This system consists of a displacement pump capable of injecting different amounts of fuel thanks to the plungers attached to each injector or cylinder of the engine.

The injectors are therefore solenoid valves capable of opening and closing millions of times, without leaks or fuel leaks. They are responsible for supplying the fuel to the intake duct or pre-combustion chamber in a sprayed and drip-free manner so that the fuel is distributed as homogeneously as possible according to the engine operating speed.

The spring is activated by means of the piston rod, while the force with which the fuel is atomized is adjusted by means of the nut attached to it. The fuel flows from the marked inlet to the perforated conduit in the nozzle holder.

Already having clear some concepts of the own injectors, we are going to happen to comment which are the most usual methods of cleanliness and repair of the same ones, since the injectors as we have explained above, are the ones in charge to pulverize the quantity of fuel adapted to the combustion chamber. The fuel circulates continuously through them, being exposed to all the impurities that accumulate in the tank of the reservoir and end up passing to a greater or lesser extent to the fuel pump which is connected to the injectors.

An injector consists of the following components:

  • Nozzle holder.
  • Nozzle.
  • Compensation washer.
  • Spring.
  • Stem.
  • Fuel inlet nozzle.

All these elements that compose our injector must be disassembled and replaced to guarantee a correct working cycle. The spare parts for Deutz-Mwm that we have in RS Motor to repair the injectors are of the highest quality and at very competitive prices.


Once the injector is disassembled, it is thoroughly checked by the nozzle seat area, this part is extremely important because if there is any sign of wear or irregularity on its surface would cause a leak, therefore, the working pressure would be insufficient for proper operation.

On the other hand, the injector body is subjected to cleaning by means of a pressure machine, adding an additive that eliminates all the impurities that unclog the injectors and prevent future obstructions. When this happens, the nozzle seat is subjected to a mechanical grinding, the area is polished eliminating any sign of anomaly. Subsequently, the new parts and the retimbrado injector are mounted to check that the equipment reaches the minimum working pressure.

Surely now it is easier to understand the task of the injectors and the important role that develops the injection system within the Deutz Mwm engine overhaul Diesel engines, in the following photos you can see the before and after of the injectors repaired by the nozzle seat area or some of the spare parts for Deutz-Mwm to be replaced.

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