Repair of Deutz Mwm, Jenbacher and Guascor engines. Overhaul and reconditioning of industrial engines, supply of spare parts

June 1, 2022by admin

Regardless of the brand or type of engine of the main brands with which RS Motor works with, wherever the engine or the power plant is located, RS Motor is fully capable of providing a quality response. Almost 15 years of experience mean that our company can handle any repair “on-site” or at RS Motor’s workshop with high quality and performance in overhaul and reconditioning of industrial engines.

The main specialties of RS Motor are DEUTZ/MWM (CAT) engines, Jenbacher engines and/or Guascor engines.



Regarding the repair of DEUTZ-MWM (CAT) engines, as well as the technical service and its consequent supply of spare parts for them, they have been one of the main activities of RS Motor since its creation.

RS Motor has the capacity to carry out any type of repair on the engines of this brand, either at the RS Motor’s workshop or at the customer’s power plant.

In this section, the engines that RS Motor most regularly repairs (which means that the stock of spare parts and other parts for them is extensive), are the following:

DEUTZ: TBG616V8, TBG616V12, TBG616V16, TBG620V12, TBG620V16, TBG620V20, TBG632V12, TBG632V16
MWM: TCG2016V8, TCG2016V12, TCG2016V16, TCG2020V12, TCG2020V16, TCG2020V20, TCG2032V12, TCG2032V16
CAT: CG 132-8, CG 132-12, CG 132-16, CG 170-12, CG 170-16, CG 170-20, CG 260-12, CG 260-16.




The repairs (also known as corrective maintenances) on Jenbacher gas engines are a type of work that is carried out when an unscheduled event occurs. As a consequence, in these cases RS Motor’s response must be as fast and reliable as possible. In Jenbacher engine repairs (or other brands of engines) the work is adapted to the damage of the engine to get it running as soon as possible.

In order to meet deadlines and get the engine running as soon as possible, the most important thing, apart from having experienced technicians and engineers, is having a large stock that allows faults to be corrected quickly.

The Jenbacher engines that RS Motor most regularly repairs, which means that our stock of parts and spare parts for them is extensive, are the following:

Jenbacher type 3: Jenbacher J312, Jenbacher J316 and Jenbacher J320.
Jenbacher type 4: Jenbacher J412, Jenbacher J416 and Jenbacher J420.
Jenbacher type 6: Jenbacher J612, Jenbacher J616, Jenbacher J620 and Jenbacher J624 (this latest model Jenbacher J624 is for RS Motor less common than the previous Jenbacher J612, Jenbacher J616 and Jenbacher J620).




Although it is true that RS Motor’s experience with Guascor engines is more recent, we have the capacity to offer any type of repair or corrective maintenance service on them (along with the subsequent supply of spare parts) wherever the customer’s Guascor engine is.

The classification of the main Guascor engine models in which RS Motor is a specialist is shown below:

6 cylinder in-line Guascor engine: Guascor FG 180 6L, Guascor FGLD 180 6L, Guascor SFGLD 180 6L.
8 cylinder in-line Guascor engine: Guascor FG 240 8L, Guascor FGLD 240 8L, Guascor SFGLD 240 8L, Guascor HGM 240 8L.
12 cylinder V-engine Guascor: Guascor FGLD 360 12V, Guascor SFGLD 360 12V
16 cylinder V-engine Guascor): Guascor FGLD 480, 16V, Guascor SFGLD 480 16V, Guascor SFGLD 560 16V, Guascor SFGM 560 16V, Guascor HGM 560 16V.



A quality repair over DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher and Guascor engines (or any other engine brand), must have as an identifying signature and obligation the supply of spare parts of the highest quality.

Whatever is the application of the industrial, marine or cogeneration engine DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher or Guascor, RS Motor always recommends and therefore supplies all its customers genuine spare parts and/or OEM ones (same quality but different packaging).

Years of experience in the industrial sector mean that RS Motor has direct access to OEM parts and the ability to supply them safely. However, this is not always possible since, on many occasions, it is not possible to access to the OEM source of many parts. In cases where access to the OEM market is not possible, the only solution is to supply genuine parts in order to maintain the quality and also to ensure a proper engine performance.


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