Repair of water pumps for Jenbacher gas engine overhaul

January 19, 2023by Analía

As you know RS Motor is the best alternative to the official Jenbacher brand since 2011. The sale of original spare parts and the performance of services (preventive/corrective maintenance, repairs, reconditioning) on this type of engines makes us experts associated with this world of overhaul of Jenbacher engine.

That is why, in this case, we will explain the maintenance process that a type of water pump coupled and driven by the movement of one of the Jenbacher gas engine overhaul undergoes. In this case, the equipment is owned by one of our customers in Catalonia.

In addition to the water pump reconditioning work, RS Motor offers the possibility of supplying previously reconditioned exchange water pumps, as well as supplying new water pumps. These two options offer an optimum quality/price ratio and mean that downtime is considerably reduced if the customer does not have exchange elements in their installation.

We offer all types of repair services in our workshops, using the most appropriate means for each type of pump. We are specialists in creating solutions that provide added value. To do this, we have the extensive experience of great professionals in the cogeneration sector.

The elements that make up this equipment are listed below, some of them need to be changed in a standard reconditioning, since, as we have discussed in other posts, preventive maintenance is aimed at the conservation of equipment or facilities by carrying out checks and cleaning to ensure their proper functioning and reliability. These are listed below:

Bearing: This component must be replaced to guarantee its function, which sustains the radial and axial load caused by the gravitational and acceleration forces of the equipment during its movement.

Seal: Over time, seals start to seal incorrectly and this results in water or oil leakage. In these cases, it is necessary to replace the seal to avoid serious pump failure.

O-rings: Once disassembled for reconditioning or diagnostics, they are already shaped according to the previous assembly. It cannot be re-adapted to a new position, as this would lead to poor sealing. In addition, the O-ring may have been damaged during disassembly. For this reason they are always replaced.

Mechanical seal: Seals or mechanical seals are sealing elements that are formed by sealing rings that press against each other, allowing mechanisms to join together and preventing the leakage of fluids. Depending on the hours of use of the pump or its condition, on some occasions the seal and spring that compose it become unusable due to having been in operation for too many hours and must therefore be replaced.

Shaft: In this case, the shafts do not need to be replaced, they are only polished to remove traces of marks originating during operation. However, if there are marks of marked wear on its surface or erosion, it must be replaced.

Impeller: It is a basic element for the correct cooling of our engine, because if it is damaged or defective, the water pump will not be able to get enough water flow. Generally it is never replaced, only if it presents deformations or lack of material.

If your Jenbacher engine has this type of water pump, RS Motor can give you a fast, safe and efficient response for its repair and in case you want to replace any element, but do not know the model, send us pictures, and we will provide you with the necessary information to obtain the spare part for Jenbacher engines. We are specialists in overhaul of Jenbacher engine.

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