Repair or reconditioning of zero valves for the engine maintenance service of cogeneration

December 14, 2022by Analía

Continuing with the publications and descriptions of all those works and specifically repairs that we carry out at RS Motor, today we will focus on an essential component that can form part of the engine maintenance service and in this case specifically for engine Deutz MWM.

Engine maintenance service

This equipment is the zero valve, a valve which regulates the gas pressure, controls the gas flow and the process variables, maintaining the pressure up to the desired setting value with a very high tightness. It maintains the outlet pressure of a gaseous medium constant.

All the main elements that make up this equipment are listed below, with a brief description of the processes they are subjected to in order to guarantee complete reconditioning or repair, which translates into reliability and performance.

  •  Regulating shaft: Depending on the number of revolutions or the setting we give to this shaft stroke, we get the gas at the right pressure. This component is replaced if the thread is seized, as this would prevent it from working properly.
  • The low pressure and high pressure diaphragm or diaphragm: This is one of the most important components as it allows the regulated gas to pass through. Depending on the turns made on the regulation shaft, it moves the position of the compressor and in turn expands or contracts the diaphragm, i.e. the diaphragm. They provide the service of opening, closing and throttling.

The service life of the diaphragms depends on several factors: the material they are made of, the fluid in contact with the diaphragms, the pressure of the fluid, the temperature of the fluid, the force exerted on the diaphragms. Normally, if they have not been subjected to periodic reconditioning, these membranes are deformed, cracked or even broken, which forces them to be replaced.

The ideal is to carry out scheduled preventive maintenance and avoid having to stop the installation due to a membrane rupture, with the costs that this entails. It is also important to avoid replacing membranes before the end of their useful life, for reasons of cost optimisation.

  • Seals and O-rings: These seals and O-rings connect a series of mechanical assemblies in order to provide a physical barrier to fluids and thus prevent any leakage. It is essential to replace these components when the valve is disassembled, as the deformation they undergo after hours of operation means that they cannot be used again.

Finally, the valve is subjected to an exhaustive internal cleaning, which allows all the elements to fulfil their function. The valve is then assembled, adjusted and checked, not forgetting the application of primer and exterior paint to protect the hull.

The quality of RS Motor’s spare parts and the highly qualified workmanship during the reconditioning of this type of zero valves mean that our customer can have the full conviction and peace of mind that it will be able to fulfil its function without any type of incident for several years.

In the images we share with you you can see the final result and the quality of our work. Following the quality standards of RS Motor guaranteed after so many years of equipment and Deutz-Mwm engine overhaul.

If you are thinking of reconditioning your zero valve, ask RS Motor for your inspection and quotation, we will offer you the best service. For more information, visit our website or contact us.