Spare parts and consumables JENBACHER j312

Long maintenance intervals, simple engine design, and low fuel consumption ensure maximum efficiency for Jenbacher 3 Series engines ...
Long maintenance intervals, simple engine design, and low fuel consumption ensure maximum efficiency from Jenbacher Series 3 engines. Optimized engine components extend service and life even when using poor quality gases such as for example landfill gas. The Jenbacher Series 3 excels in its 499 to 1,067 kWe power range due to its technical maturity and high degree of reliability. Great electrical and thermal efficiency that implies an optimal benefit and a faster economic recovery. Robust and flexible design with excellent ability to operate with low quality gases. Available as CHP “plug & play” for a fast connection. Homogeneous gas mixture at low pressures. Great flexibility given dual stage cooling. Turbocharger by-pass even under extreme operating conditions. High performance spark plugs that ensure optimal performance. Combustion control that ensures low emissions (LEANOX). Compact design which allows its installation within a 40 foot container.
APPLICATION Natural gas applications - NOX ≤500 mg / Nm3 * Application in biogas / landfill gas / sewage gas - NOX ≤500 mg / Nm3 *
ELECTRICAL POWER 391 / 635kW 635kW
Thermal power + -8% 508/739 kW 766kW
Electrical performance 39.4 / 40.8% 0.395
Thermal performance 51.2 / 47.4% 0.476
Concentration 0 0
Jenbacher J312 Oil Filter RS-235027 / RS-225125
Jenbacher J312 Air Filter RS-523275 / RS-464424
Blow-by Jenbacher J312 filter RS-9010633
Jenbacher J312 spark plug RS-1233808 / RS-462203
Main bearing / main bearing Jenbacher J312 RS-280409 / RS-1231308
Connecting rod bearing / connecting rod bearing Jenbacher J312 RS-482681 / RS-1231307
Jenbacher J312 crank sleeve RS-190308
Piston Jenbacher J312 RS-375590
Jenbacher J312 Piston Rings RS-322788 / RS-364563 / RS-281127
Jenbacher J312 shirt RS-448651
Jenbacher J312 Board RS-448657
Jenbacher J312 O-ring RS-319740
Jenbacher J312 O-ring RS-376469
Jenbacher J312 Gasket Set RS-582692
Jenbacher J312 exchange head RS-541922
Jenbacher J312 cylinder head
Jenbacher J312 swap shortblock
Jenbacher J312 swap longblock
Jenbacher J312 Thermocouple RS-550401
Jenbacher J312 Oil Pump RS-366606
Actuator Jenbacher J312 RS-415397 / RS-118918
Jenbacher J312 coil RS-118257
Jenbacher J312 camshaft RS-9006605 / RS-9006606