Spare parts for Deutz-Mwm for the repair and maintenance of cogeneration engines

May 24, 2022by Analía


Gas engines DEUTZ-MWM TCG2032 (also known as CAT CG-260) are the greatest specialty of our company RS Motor.

Rs Motor always has availability of spare parts for Deutz-Mwm in its warehouse.

Nowadays, RS Motor sells spare parts for DEUTZ-MWM TCG2032 (CAT CG260) gas engines worldwide. A lot of customers trust us when they need quality spare parts for their engines DEUTZ-MWM TCG2032 and/or CAT CG260 for overhaul and reconditioning of industrial engines or only spare parts

Thanks to the good ration between quality of price, RS Motor is one of the best companies worldwide when spare parts for this engine type are needed.

So this time we show you an example of the quality parts we usually sell for recondition cylinder heads. These parts are NOT alternative parts. They are only genuine or OEM.

Below you can find a short summary of the parts RS Motor sells for cylinder heads DEUTZ-MWM TCG2032 and/or CAT CG260:


  • Valve guide RS-12284969
  • O-seal RS-12523003 for valve guide RS-12284969
  • Valve seat insert for intake valve RS-12283250
  • Inlet valve RS-12283254
  • Valve seat insert for exhaust valve RS-12285547
  • Exhaust valve RS-12281423
  • Sleeve RS-12281899
  • Valve rotator RS-12282840
  • Valve spring RS-12280124
  • Valve spring RS-12280125


Apart from the previous spare parts for cylinder heads, at RS Motor you can find other spare parts such as pistons RS-12283988, cylinder liners RS-12282830, big end bearings RS-12284311, main bearings RS-12284382… and many more parts.


Please, feel free to contact our sales team if you have gas engines DEUTZ-MWM TCG2032 and /or CAT CG-260 wherever you are. At RS Motor you will find the spare parts you need.


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