Supply of engine exchange components, spare parts for Deutz-Mwm, Jenbacher and Guascor

September 21, 2023by Analía

At RS Motor, we specialize in cogeneration engine maintenance and repair of Deutz Mwm, Jenbacher, and Guascor engines. In order to streamline our work during service visits and minimize downtime for engine maintenance, we have a large stock of cylinder heads and other swap parts.
The exchange parts are fully refurbished replacements using genuine spare parts for Deutz-Mwm, spare parts for Guascor engines, and Jenbacher and/or original OEM parts to ensure the quality of the supplied component.
The exchange components are meticulously inspected by our technicians with extensive experience in these types of cogeneration and marine engines.
The engine repair process is expedited through this method because RS Motor sends the inspected and refurbished components to our customers, or in the case of service visits by our technicians, they bring the ready-to-install parts from our warehouse. At the time of the engine stoppage, the used component is removed and replaced with the refurbished one.
It is important to note that the customer’s used spare parts will be sent to RS Motor and become the property of our workshop, where the refurbishing process takes place. This process includes cleaning, replacement of worn-out elements and damaged parts, assembly, and dimensional verification. All the time involved in this process is eliminated from the repair, allowing RS Motor to offer faster and more efficient services to its customers.
The most common case is the sale and use of exchange cylinder heads in the repair of our customers’ engines. This method significantly reduces downtime and increases the productivity of engines repaired by RS Motor
The received used cylinder heads undergo a refurbishing process that includes:

  • Complete disassembly.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Inspection of the housing, checking for cracks and erosion.
  • Thread reconditioning and repairs if necessary.
  • Replacement of sleeve if necessary.
  • Replacement of valve guides.
  • Replacement of intake and exhaust seats.
  • Replacement of intake and exhaust valves.
  • Replacement of springs, plates, rotocaps if necessary.
  • Full assembly with new gaskets.
  • Dimensional control of the components.
  • Priming and exterior painting.

Once the cylinder head is refurbished, it is in perfect condition to be used again in the same or another engine.
RS Motor supplies both exchange and new cylinder heads for cogeneration engines and marine engines worldwide, including Jenbacher series 3, series 4, and series 6, Deutz MWM 616, 2016 620, 2020, 632, 2032, 645, 2015, and others.
The refurbishment of certain components, such as cylinder heads, where worn-out elements are replaced, is essential to ensure the reliability of the engines. These maintenance procedures should be performed periodically according to the manufacturer’s guidelines or in response to the first symptoms detected through monitoring or predictive maintenance to avoid unexpected downtime that may reduce the productivity of the engines.
For any type of cogeneration engine or marine engine maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you.
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