FOR SALE! Deutz-Mwm, Jenbacher and Guascor gas engines

April 26, 2023by Analía

Do you need a gas engine for your power plant?. If yes, RS Motor is your best choice.
With more than 10 years of experience in the cogeneration market, at RS Motor you can find gas engines in stock. Nowadays, in our warehouse we have various different gas engines such as MWM TCG2020V12, MWM TCG2020V16, Guascor FGLD-480, Jenbacher J312, Jenbacher J320…
The previous gas engines could be sold immediately “as it is where it is”, but, if you need them completely overhauled and with “zero” running hours, RS Motor has the capability to do it.
In this last case, our team would need about 4-5 weeks for prepare the engine in order to leave it Overhauled.
If you prefer

to buy the engine overhauled, you should know that the parts that RS Motor uses and installs on the engine are all of them genuine and/or OEM. RS Motor never installs alternative parts nor copies neither.

So please, ask to our team if you need a gas engine “as it is where it is” or Overhauled. We will be glad to help you.
Moreover, in case you need a gas engine that we don’t have available, RS Motor can help you too. Our extensive international network allows our company to ask to several companies worldwide for gas engines if you have a specific project.

Apart from complete gas engines, we can offer you the spare parts you need for your gas engine Deutz-Mwm, Jenbacher and/or Guascor.

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