Jenbacher J420 Parts and Consumables

Based on the proven design concepts of the Jenbacher 3 series and Jenbacher 6 series motors, the Jenbacher 4 series motors in the 800 to 1,500 kW power range ...
Based on the proven design concepts of Jenbacher Series 3 and Jenbacher Series 6 motors, Jenbacher Series 4 motors in the 800 to 1,500 kW power range are characterized by high power density and exceptional efficiency. Enhanced monitoring and control provide easy preventative maintenance, high reliability, and availability. Great electrical and thermal efficiency, making the Jenbacher Series 4 the most efficient motor within its power range. Maximum levels of availability and confidence. Optimized for fast, efficient and economical maintenance. Combustion control that ensures low emissions (LEANOX). Modern design that allows service concepts more adapted to the client's needs. A powerful turbocharger enables optimal maintenance and operation even at high temperatures and altitudes. Available in low NOX emission versions in case of operation with biogas by installing a catalyst.
APPLICATION Natural gas applications - NOX ≤500 mg / Nm3 * Application in biogas / landfill gas / sewage gas - NOX ≤500 mg / Nm3 *
ELECTRICAL POWER 1497/1497 kW 1497 kW
Thermal power + -8% 1563/1802 kW 1515 kW
Electrical performance 42.9 / 41.4% 0.423
Thermal performance 44.8 / 49.8% 0.428
Concentration 0 0
Jenbacher J416 spark plug
Jenbacher J420 Oil Filter RS-631265
Jenbacher J420 Air Filter RS-343764
Blow-by Jenbacher J420 filter
Jenbacher J420 spark plug RS-1233808 / RS-462203
Main bearing / main bearing Jenbacher J420 RS-380397
Connecting rod bearing / connecting rod bearing Jenbacher J420 RS-351228
Jenbacher J420 connecting rod bushing
Piston Jenbacher J420 RS-1234246
Jenbacher J420 piston rings
Jenbacher J420 shirt RS-448556
Board Jenbacher J420 RS-448559
Jenbacher J420 O-ring RS-348964
Jenbacher J420 O-Ring RS-456737
Jenbacher J420 gasket set RS-582705
Jenbacher J420 exchange cylinder head RS-1210151
Jenbacher J420 cylinder head RS-1204113
Jenbacher J420 swap shortblock
Jenbacher J420 swap longblock
Jenbacher J420 Thermocouple
Jenbacher J420 Oil Pump
Jenbacher J420 actuator
Jenbacher J420 Coil
Jenbacher J420 camshaft