Maintenance of cogeneration engines, engine overhaul

February 8, 2023by Analía

The preventive maintenance carried out by RS Motor over all these years on our customers’ engines, both on Deutz Mwm, Jenbacher and Guascor engines, makes us a highly consolidated company at national level as an alternative to the official service.

From our technical offices we draw up a specific maintenance plan for each type of engine where our technicians apply their best knowledge and replace the Mwm or Jenbacher or Guascor engine spare parts to give them the care they need and increase their useful life. We perform from small preventive maintenance to major maintenance (engine overhaul). RS Motor has the capacity to carry out any type of this work.

But what is really a quality preventive maintenance work, we must start from an effective maintenance plan and rely on tools that facilitate the day to day management of the same. These are the steps to carry out good preventive maintenance:


  • Consultation of manuals, documentation and requirements of each client: We must follow the official documentation to carry out the maintenance, as well as always have it at hand before and during the action of the same. This ensures that our technicians act as accurately and quickly as possible. In addition, the personnel must comply with the rules of occupational risk prevention.
  • Approach to objectives: Preventive maintenance arises from the need to minimise corrective actions (breakdown repairs), increase the useful life of the engine as it protects it from long-term incidents, reduce unscheduled engine stoppages, reduce costs and increase the availability of the equipment’s operation for as long as possible 365 days a year.
  • Budget on labour and man hours: We must make a calculation on the estimated amount of spare parts and components to be replaced, the labour we will need to cover the maintenance of the engine, depending on the number of cylinders of the engine, whether it runs on gas, biogas or diesel, the last time the maintenance was carried out, etc.
  • Adapt to the customer’s needs: Depending on the type of engine or the hours of operation, day and time of the engine stop in plant, as well as we will have to take into account the sum of all previous maintenance, how they were done, dates, spare parts replaced, past incidents occurred and if they did not exist, we will start from zero.
  • Execution of the plan and traceability: Once the maintenance plan has been carried out, we must have a guide to follow it and be able to have under control that the work carried out complies with the prevention objectives, avoiding unnecessary stoppages.
  • Final technical report: Once the maintenance has been completed, we send our clients a report with the actions carried out, the type of maintenance, the materials used, the power at which the engine was left running with the number of hours and starts, as well as any incident or anomaly detected and which must be rectified.

As you can see, in RS motor we have the best optimization of our resources to benefit our customers, with an automated process that allows us to have under control the materials with which to make such maintenance, official documentation up to date, and traceability of each of the actions performed on the engines.

Do not hesitate to contact our technical department in case you need to carry out engine maintenance service on your DEUTZ-MWM (CAT), Jenbacher or Guascor engine.
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