Spare parts and consumables DEUTZ TBG 632 V16

The DEUTZ TBG632V16 group is a 16-cylinder V four-stroke gas engine with an Otto combustion cycle. .

The DEUTZ TBG632V16 group is a 16-cylinder V four-stroke gas engine with an Otto combustion cycle. In the DEUTZ TBG632V16, operating costs are considered low compared to other similar engines thanks to its high efficiency and low specific consumption of fuel and lubricating oil. It includes TEM-Evo (Total Electronic Management) to control the combustion gas, as well as to monitor the entire group optimally and efficiently.

APPLICATION Natural gas applications - NOX ≤500 mg / Nm3 * Application in biogas / landfill gas / sewage gas - NOX ≤500 mg / Nm3 *
Thermal power + -8% 1400kW 0
Electrical performance 0.402 0
Thermal performance 0.456 0
Concentration 5% oxygen concentration in dry exhaust 0
DEUTZ oil filter TBG632V16 RS-1173223
DEUTZ air filter TBG632V16 RS-12409722
Fine filter CJC DEUTZ TBG632V16 RS-12217382
Spark plug DEUTZ TBG632V16
Pre-chamber spark plug DEUTZ TBG632V16 RS-12453574
Main bearing / main bearing DEUTZ TBG632V16 RS-12283789
Connecting rod bearing / connecting rod bearing DEUTZ TBG632V16 RS-12283780
DEUTZ TBG632V16 connecting rod bushing
DEUTZ TBG632V16 piston RS-12283948
DEUTZ TBG632V16 piston rings RS-12281660 / RS-12281661 / RS-12281527
DEUTZ TBG632V16 shirt RS-12282056
DEUTZ TBG632V16 gasket RS-12280130
DEUTZ TBG632V16 O-ring RS-12280214
DEUTZ TBG632V16 O-ring
DEUTZ TBG632V16 gasket set RS-12211353
DEUTZ TBG632V16 exchange cylinder head RS-5183042
DEUTZ TBG632V16 cylinder head RS-12281493
DEUTZ TBG632V16 exchange shortblock
DEUTZ TBG632V16 Exchange Longblock
DEUTZ TBG632V16 Thermocouple RS-12322279
DEUTZ TBG632V16 oil pump RS-12283286
DEUTZ TBG632V16 actuator RS-12210285
DEUTZ TBG632V16 coil RS-12153965
DEUTZ TBG632V16 camshaft

CAT / MWM / DEUTZ engine models

MWM / DEUTZ / CAT models
CAT CG132-12 50Hz DEUTZ TBG 620 V16
CAT CG132-16 DEUTZ TBG 620 V20 50 Hz
CAT CG132-8 50HZ DEUTZ TBG 632 V12 50Hz
CAT CG170-12 50 Hz DEUT Z TBG 632 V16
CAT CG170-16 50Hz MWM TCG 2016 V08 C 50Hz
CAT CG170-20 50Hz MWM TCG 2016 V12 C 50Hz
CAT CG260-12 MWM TCG 2016 V16 C 50Hz
CAT CG260-16 MWM TCG 2020 V12 50 Hz
DEUTZ TBG 616 V12 MWM TCG 2020 V16 50Hz
DEUTZ TBG 616 V12 50Hz MWM TCG 2020 V20 50 Hz
DEUTZ TBG 616 V16 50Hz MWM TCG 2032 V12 50 HZ
DEUTZ TBG 616 V8 50Hz MWM TCG 2032 V16 50Hz